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Spring Wellness tips from the squad

Spring is here, my dear, are you ready? My friends at Clean Plates, a resource for all things healthy, asked for my best health tips for Spring, and along with…


A sweet time of day

While I’m not a huge sweet eater, every once in a while I love a little bit of chocolate. Especially this time of year when the days are gray and…


Healthy Chocolate Pudding

I was recommending avocado’s the other day to a friend of mine as a great way to put weight on (yes, some people do have that problem!) and suggested this…


How to coach yourself

I went to my website the other day, and I clicked on the Solo Session with Holli one-on-one session button. I paid good money, and then I scheduled an appointment…

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Health Coaches Pave the Way for a Brighter Future for Health Care

Guest Post by Joshua Rosenthal Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition As policy makers continue to debate the future of healthcare in America, there is an often overlooked, yet important, part…

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Join me for B-School (on-line Business School)

Enrollment for B-School is now open! Read on below if you’re a budding entrepreneur, or a business owner whose skills need an update. And work with me personally, along side…

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Bring Back Healthy

I’ve been pushing hard lately….trying to get just a liiittle more out of each day. And so, 2017 has exhausted me. Cold and flu season have had their way, and…


Seasonal Butternut Squash Soup

One of my dear friends had a birthday last weekend, and I volunteered to make a soup to start off her celebration dinner at my neighbors farm. Butternut squash is…


Apple Crisp, Healthy Style

  It’s challenging to get my son and his friends to eat a healthy breakfast; last week I watched as a bowl of local apples gradually withered on the kitchen…

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3 Holiday Hacks you need to do now

The Yuletide is here, and as my friend says, party, party, party! So, how do you keep your energy high, and avoid gaining the holiday “10”? These 3 nutritionally stylish…


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