Why Are You Gaining Weight?

“Holli, I’ve put on 10 pounds!” “My pants don’t fit.” “I need to lose weight before the holidays!” I’m hearing it wherever I go. Summer ended, and somehow instead of staying active, you got busy and distracted. Let some things slip. Your Nutritional Style got pushed aside. And here we are, entering the holidays. And you’re kinda mad at yourself. So, let’s step back and figure out why.. and then stop that puff/bloat in its tracks. OK? Why ARE you gaining weight? || Stress & Worry: Stress produces the hormone cortisol, and sustained periods of stress can lead to increased appetite and weight gain. This past summer, I was thrown some curve balls related to my son’s health, and I became physically tired and hungry… unusually so. If the stress of the new school year or a hectic fall work schedule has gotten to you these past few months, let’s get that under control, now, before the holidays begin. Turn off your electronics each night, and allow yourself some time to just be. Take a shower or warm bath in the evening, instead of morning to wash the day away, and allow yourself to fully rest. And be sure to…


Mediterranean Quinoa

  It takes a village, don’t you think? My friends and I have been talking about the importance of community lately and how grateful we are to have ours. Having…


My book is a Mom’s Choice Award winner!

Exciting news! My book, Discover Your Nutritional Style just won a Mom’s Choice Award. The Mom’s Choice Awards is an organization that evaluates products and services meant for families and…


Fall: The best produce for you

  I was shopping for dinner the other day, and I found myself craving sweet potatoes, hearty root veggies, and warming broths. The day was slightly chilly, and my body…


Sweet Potato Mash

  Why wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy sweet potatoes? This healthy version of your favorite November treat can satisfy you and your family year round. Rich in Vitamin A, B…


DIY nutrition bar style

  I mix these do it yourself bars for my son and his friends. I think it takes less time to do than to buy them at the store, they’re…


Which nutrition bars are best?

  Nutrition bars can be a great choice to fuel your busy lifestyle. But not all bars are what they’re cracked up to be. And with so many endless options…

Are YOU healthy, hot, and happy?

What’s holding YOU back from being all of those things? I’m listening in this week as my friend, Melissa Kathryn, interviews a group of experts in the health, happiness and feel-good fields. And I’m happy to say that I’m one of the speakers. This unique online event is free of charge and designed to give you real results. It’s my privilege to partner with this group and invite you to join the thousands of listeners coming together to receive this roadmap to weight loss, health and body love success. You’ll be learning the latest nutrition, fitness and mindset information, and strategies designed to help you achieve optimal health. But this event is not about “eat this, not that”. It addresses the missing links that will help change the way you look, think, feel and act so that you can go on and thrive. Listen in as Melissa taps into the minds of world renowned experts, coaches and doctors in the fields of weight loss, fitness, nutrition and mindset. What if you could extract what you need to lose weight for good, feel great in your body, have endless energy, vitality and radiance, to fully love and accept yourself and create…


Bone Broth Primer

  photo courtesy of Brodo, NYC Bone broth, formerly known as old fashioned “stock,” has become the health tonic, du jour. And as we head into the chilly days of…

IPE awards us Top Blog for 2015!

  The Institute for the Psychology of Eating have named my blog one of their Best 100 Health Coach Blogs of 2015. I’m thrilled about this honor, and congratulations to my team for their hard work in helping me build this blog. If you’re not familiar with them, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has an outstanding mission, which is to change the way we understand food, our bodies, and our health. They provide support and information for all dietary approaches, but one of their primary functions is educating health professionals about how to guide individuals through the most common and most compelling eating challenges; from body image to digestion, yo-yo dieting, and more. I’m in great company on this list of prestigious websites. Here are a few of my favorites. Elizabeth Rider Food Coach NYC Alexandra Jamieson Health Coach Quinn You’ll love this collection of blogs. It’s a great resource, I’m glad to be among them!


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