IMG_6104 07.10.2014

Watermelon-Strawberry Lassi

  As I was cutting a ripe watermelon today, and continued to carve the sweet melon from it’s rind (and carve and carve and carve…), I realized that I was…

_MG_5699 07.02.2014

Cherry Tomato Gazpacho

I planted two cherry tomato plants this spring because my husband is one of those people who eats them like popcorn. I thought it was the least I could do….

2Elizabeth's Gone Raw June 20 Menu 06.26.2014

Review: Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

  Coming to Washington, DC, anytime soon? If so, don’t miss this restaurant review! Elizabeth Petty is a Washington, D.C. business woman, wife and mother. She also owns an elegant…

kale 06.26.2014

Guest Blog: Elizabeth’s Kale Chips

  On a recent visit to Elizabeth’s Gone Raw Restaurant in Washington, DC, I begged owner Elizabeth Petty for this recipe. She offered it graciously, but what choice did she…

_MG_5308 06.20.2014

In My Grain Bin

  Grains have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years, and yet they’ve become controversial (dare I say…demonized?) lately due to decades of hybridization that has…


Begin your nutrition education, today.

My journey at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition led me to a new career in the wellness field, and as an author of a soon to be released book called Discover Your Nutritional Style,I am extremely grateful to IIN, their cutting edge curriculum, and faculty. You can now enroll at Integrative Nutrition, online, today, without waiting to speak to admissions. I’ve been given a special offer to extend to you, and that is to receive $1000 off your enrollment by enrolling on-line. Skip on down in this post if you’re ready to begin! Not only did being a student at IIN help launch my coaching business and career, which I love, it changed my family’s lives and how we do things. It helped my son and me cope with the food intolerances that we share, and it ultimately helped me heal several health issues that I was experiencing. Regardless of your decision to launch a career in wellness, the education is priceless, and I hear from so many people who have completed the IIN program that it has added extraordinary value to their personal lives. They’ve gained skills from the schools’ holistic approach and have even applied what they’ve learned…

Quinoa-other-grains 06.12.2014

Grains; good or bad?

  As a healthy-minded individual, you’re conscious of whole grains, believing they’re good for you. They’re high in B-Vitamins, fiber and some protein. They’re satisfying, comforting, and an easy-to-make, inexpensive…


The best sunscreens 2014

I’ve used sunscreen since I was 12 years old, after getting a horrible case of sun poisoning while visiting a friend in Florida. My Aunt Mary handed me a bottle of “suntan lotion” that summer, and told me I’d have gorgeous skin forever if I used it. Like most 12 year olds, I wasn’t worried about my skin, but I had now seen the damage the sun can do. I’ve been using sunscreen ever since. Preventing sunburn is still on my mind during the warm months, but now I’m acutely aware of the sun’s part in dangerous skin cancers. And as a mom I know how sensitive babies and young kids’ skin can be. I’ve also investigated the impact chemicals can have on our overall health, and our body’s ability to cleanse, heal, and maintain it’s overall efficacy. There are significant differences between the various sun products out there–and I’m super picky about what goes into my beach bag, and onto my body. I want you to all have the healthiest, happiest summer yet. That means an absence of burns, and ending the summer with more of a glow than you started with. I was happy to wake up to…

salad_vinegar_dressing 06.05.2014

Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is good for you in many ways; it helps to balance your PH level because it’s alkalizing, it aids in detoxification, it fights candida and yeast,…

_MG_5913 06.05.2014

5 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss

Just tell me what to do.. I hear that all the time from clients. And while I really believe that it’s up to YOU to Discover Your Nutritional Style, (coming…


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