Create the best Creamy Smoothie

  Not everyone loves a green smoothie. Shocking, right? My own husband refuses to drink the green stuff. So in honor of you creamy “milkshake” lovers, this one’s for you….

chili 02.27.2014

Slow Cooking Veggie Chili

  My son’s friends are coming this weekend; that means 5 tall, strapping teenage boys with big appetites. Although I know these boys eat meat, I like taking a break…


Book Review: The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

Mark Hyman, MD has a new book called The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. It’s already on the best seller list, and I’m excited to share why. Dr. Hyman invited me to be part of a beta group to test the 10 Day Detox Diet. As a life long researcher in the field of nutrition, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse, so a client of mine and I joined in. The book takes you through a well balanced, holistic approach to detoxification, and Dr. Hyman talks about toxicity in a easy to understand way. He offers clear cut ways to change your lifestyle, and also recommends specific herbs and supplements. Hyman is a western medical doctor with a strong holistic lean; that’s why I love this book. When it’s time for the cleanse, Hyman asks you to remove certain food groups; including the usual suspects, like dairy and gluten, but the big piece of the puzzle here is that Hyman wages war on sugar. And that makes all the difference. Hyman asks you to remove starches in all their forms, and explains the sugar connection to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. He leaves the healthy fats in, so…

quinoa 02.21.2014

Guest Blogger: Melissa Kathryn’s Cranberry Quinoa Salad

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker for a weight loss summit, hosted by Melissa Kathryn, so I asked Melissa to submit a recipe for her favorite salad…

_MG_6032 02.20.2014

Pomegranate Banana Smoothie

  Pomegranate seeds were always so challenging for me to get to, and messy too, until the healthy market near my home starting selling them fresh. Call me lazy, but…


Client Recipe: Sugar Body Scrub for Winter Skin

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. That’s why when I lead a cleanse, like my recent Cleanse with Benefits program, I make sure to talk about skin care, and how important it is to avoid toxins there too. This time around, my client, Meryl Paspa, an esthetician, offered to share one of her favorite DIY skincare recipes with us. It’s luxurious and effective, so I had to share it with you. If you’re dealing with winter skin that’s dry, scaly, and itchy, this body scrub will help. Meryl says that sloughing off dead skin on the outside will make way for your skin’s moisture to come through, and healthy, younger looking skin as a result. Sounds good to me! Ingredients: 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1+ teaspoon olive oil (optional, this gives it more slip) (all organic, if possible) Preparation: 1. Warm the coconut oil in a small saucepan until it’s liquid. Allow to cool. 2. Mix all ingredients together until all the large lumps are gone. The back of a fork works well to mash the lumps. 3….

persimmon 02.11.2014

Persimmon Cashew Smoothie

  Persimmons earned a spot on my Winter Superfoods list, for good reason. They’re high in vitamins C and A, as well as beta carotene and heart-healthy lycopene. Persimmons also…

_MG_4961 02.11.2014

Superfoods for Winter

  Superfoods don’t have to be obscure and shipped from exotic lands to deliver super nutrients. Some of them are right under your nose as you peruse the produce aisles…

smoothie_fb 02.06.2014

New Ideas for the Green Smoothie Lover

  Green smoothie drinkers grab hold of each day, in all it’s wholesome goodness.  They want to fill up on all that life has to offer, and they love the…

detox soup 01.21.2014

Winter Detox Soup

  Sometimes great ideas, (or recipes) appear in odd places. I walked into my local day spa last week, (yes, I am a weekly maintenance kind of girl) and the…

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