Men’s Nutritional Style

  I talk and write about women, but the truth is I work with men too, and often (I got a lot of grief from the guys on the little black dress analogy in my book). So, gentlemen, and the ladies who take care of you, this is for you. Here are my top 5 tips on how to live your best men’s Nutritional Style. 1) Movement A healthy heart and cardiovascular system is the key to living a long and healthy life, so regular movement is important. You know that, right? Movement also helps with stress, and boosts your fat burning while building muscle which then burns more calories. And burning more calories helps you keep your weight down, where it should be. Guys tend to carry extra weight in the middle, and extra fat in that area in particular contributes to heart disease and puts your health at risk. SO move…more. Run, walk fast, lift weights, order Beach Body, go to Zumba…Whatever it is that floats your boat, (mountain biking, anyone?) do it. Now. 2) Stress Stress promotes free radicals that lead to aging; it lowers your immunity and creates inflammation that can then also lead to a…


Kale, Cherry, and Macademia Salad

  I pulled this salad together with some friends the other day, making it up as we went along. Use this kale salad recipe as a formula, if you will….

roasted pepper meal

Greta’s Roasted Peppers

  Recently, I visited friends in Croton on Hudson, New York, at their lovely Airbnb estate, along with a large group of our teen age boys and friends. Meals were…

summer style

5 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

  It’s June. That means panic time for some, and self acceptance for others. Sleeveless dresses, shorts, swimsuits. AH! The summer season can create a disappointing realization of weight gain,…


Favorite Summer Snacks for Healthy Kids

While I believe that there’s too much emphasis put on snacks in our country, and in our schools, we all know sometimes you need them. What better time than in…


Summer Style for Kids

  I was driving my son home from school the other day, and we talked about the business projects I’m working on this summer. He asked me if I had…


It’s Strawberry Month!

  Did you know that May is National Strawberry month? I’m a great lover of this annual beauty, and now’s the time to enjoy. The planter on my back porch…


Summer strawberry dips

  One of my favorite summer treats are fresh strawberries, a terrific source of vitamin C and bright red antioxidants, and there’s nothing like eating them right out of the…


What’s Your Salad Style?

  Are you in a SALAD RUT? Bored to tears with the same ‘ole thing? It happens. My team and I put on our lettuce-green thinking caps this week, (and…


When summer sneaks up on you…

  Sometimes, summer just sneaks up on you.. It’s often the littlest things that make the biggest difference to your health. Staying hydrated is one of those simple, inexpensive, things….


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