Springtime Asparagus Soup

  Asparagus is the queen of springtime vegetables, in fact, there are festivals throughout Europe dedicated to this seasonal beauty. High in vitamins and minerals, notably vitamin K, asparagus also…


Spring clean your diet

  Spring can bring some unwelcome pressure—as you peel away bulky winter layers, you may not yet feel ready for your close up. While the rest of the world is…


Wild Orange Facial Scrub

  Say hello to spring and beautiful skin with this DIY Wild Orange Facial Scrub. Exfoliating your face gently will help shed dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, new…


Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Smoothie

  This sweet smoothie is full of fresh, natural ingredients. Instead of using a processed protein powder, I’ve used raw cashews as the protein source. You don’t need a fancy…


Spring Skincare 101

  The end of winter can mean dry and scaly skin, isn’t it time for you to go into action? Spring is here, and summer’s just around the corner. Read…


Spring Smoothie Guide

Spring is here, it’s time to make tweaks and changes to your Nutritional Style. The winter months may have forced you to stray from your cool morning smoothies (that and…


Spring Smoothie Roundup

  Now that spring is (finally!) here, it’s time to start using all the sweet seasonal produce to get creative with your morning smoothies and juices again. I know that…

Video: DIY Hemp Milk

  From morning smoothies, to creative desserts, to topping cereals, I make sure to keep a DIY non-dairy milk on hand…always. One of the easiest and healthiest choices is hemp milk. Tiny hemp seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition, containing all of the amino acids your body needs in a day; especially useful for you Flexible Vegetarians and Modern Vegans out there. Protein? Check. This recipe is beyond simple, and highly affordable too, especially for you moms buying the stuff in bulk. I shared my simple method with The Daily Meal the other day. Watch me in action below. Here are some fabulous ways to use YOUR DIY milk: Chia seed breakfast pudding Gluten free DIY granola Goddess Shake Chocolate-Avocado Smoothie


Green Foods Roundup

Nothing says theme party like St. Patrick’s Day, right? If you’re a mom, you’ve been asked year after year to provide green food to your child’s school, and while green…

quinoa kale

Quinoa, Kale and Garlic Stir Fry

  Quinoa is a mainstay in my diet, and my home. The other day I was craving stir fried garlic and onion, an odd comment for sure but perhaps indicative…


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