Bring Back Healthy

I’ve been pushing hard lately….trying to get just a liiittle more out of each day.

And so, 2017 has exhausted me. Cold and flu season have had their way, and I’ve come to terms with my lack of perfection in the self care department. Sad emoji face. And yes, Mom, you were right. I have been doing too much.

Maybe you’re guilty too; going, going, gone.. And you wake up feeling run down and exhausted.
Does this sound familiar?

*You’re having a hard time winding down at night, yet you feel exhausted the next day after a full night’s sleep… hmmm…
*You’re retaining water and don’t feel amazing, even though you’re eating clean….hmmmm again!…
*You feel indecisive and distracted.. Am I ADD? Why can’t I make the simplest of decisions?

So, I’m using this week to get back on track, and I want to share some of my favorite ways to bring back YOU, as well.

Life has me splitting my time between locations to maintain the demands of my business while juggling the rest of my life. Just saying that makes me tired!

So I turn to these daily rituals to keep me in shape. They may have slipped, but they are COMING BACK STRONG.

1. Vitamin D: When the sun’s out I try to get outside for at least 10 minutes. The morning hours are best, but anytime of day will do. Go for a brisk walk or take a call outdoors, even in the winter. You’re body will be energized and your mind will be sharper. To boost your wellness levels all year round, add a Vitamin D3 supplement. I order mine from Be Well.

2. Turmeric: This spice is ancient and delicious, too. As a top ingredient in curry powder, turmeric is anti-inflamatory and a great solution for keeping your immunity strong and your joints at ease. Athletes take note! And while I’m a whole food girl when it comes to supplementation, this comes in handy capsules if you need them.

3. Flax Oil: Flax seeds are the leading dietary source of lignans, a type of phytoestrogen and plant source similar to naturally occurring estrogen produced by our bodies. Estrogen production lowers as women age, so this might be a good source of healthy Omega 3 and help you adjust to life if you’re 40+.
I add a spoonful to my smoothie or enjoy it as a salad dressing at meals.
Note: I don’t recommend flax oil for men.

4. Lavender: No matter what the day throws at me, this sweet herb never lets me down. Massaging a few drops of oil on the bottoms of your feet at bedtime will soothe your nervous system and help you relax and enter a deep slumber. On really rough days, I spray my sheets before I get in bed or diffuse it in my bedroom. You can order my favorite kind here. Lavender essential oil

5. Meditate:  Taking time for yourself and turning your brain off is like getting hours of rest. If you have trouble sitting still, get out for fresh air and move, like I do. It’s my form of meditation…. Or draw a bath. What could be better than a clean tub, warm steaming water, and the scent of your favorite bath soaps or essential oils?

6. Probiotics: If you haven’t gotten into the habit of taking a daily probiotic, this is the perfect time of year to start. Take it first thing in the morning before breakfast or 30 minutes before eating (always on an empty stomach). I like adding probiotic powder to my smoothies or taking them in capsule form.

Other thoughts? Make yourself a big pot of soup, like my Mom does… Here’s my current favorite. Winter Detox Soup

Need some easy, healthy lunch ideas to help you stay on track? Check out my friends over at Chef XChange, these light lunches will make your day!

Let’s do this!