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essential oils

3 Step Bedtime Routine for Beauty and Bliss

I fell in love with essential oils nearly a decade ago, and using them since has made a big difference in my health, and life.  They’re an inexpensive, convenient way…

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New! Online Workshop with Holli

  I have something exciting to share with you, and to offer you a part in, so please read this carefully. Each season I try to look within myself to…


Your post summer clean up

  It happens every August..My health regime seems to soften. Maybe it’s Nantucket’s fault, all that french rose and farm-to-table fare. Or maybe it’s the heat that makes me want…

essential oils

Lavender Detox Bath

I blended this detox bath mix a few years ago when I ran out of my favorite drug store brand. It’s a luxurious way for you to end your day,…


Spring clean your diet

  Spring can bring some unwelcome pressure—as you peel away bulky winter layers, you may not yet feel ready for your close up. While the rest of the world is…


Spring Pink Smoothie: Beet, Strawberry, and Ginger

  Enjoy this seasonal smoothie made with tender beets and the first berries of spring. I’m crazy for the pink color, and sometimes I just make it to admire it’s…


Getting ready for my closeup

  I had just finished writing my nutrition book this past winter, and shortly after sending in the final edits, it was time to schedule a photo shoot. Incredibly, my…

Summer Vegetables-broccoli, tomatoes, cuke, celery, broccoli, pepper, lettuce, eggplnt

Foods to make you (even more) beautiful

  “I can spot your clients from across the room.” “What do you mean?” I asked “They glow, there’s something about them, they’re gorgeous. I can spot the girls that…


Creamy Asparagus Soup

  Spring asparagus is not just delicious, but it’s nutrient dense; rich in fiber, and vitamins A, C, E, and K, and it contains  glutathione, which breaks down free radicals…


New Ideas for the Green Smoothie Lover

  Green smoothie drinkers grab hold of each day, in all it’s wholesome goodness.  They want to fill up on all that life has to offer, and they love the…


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