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7 Ways to enhance your Winter Cleanse

The thought of drinking only juice and munching on cold salads while the wind is whipping around our farm makes my fingers go numb. So how do you enjoy a…

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Eat that cookie, drink that prosecco!

  I’m over the white-knuckle nutrition approach to holidays. The shame and regret that I hear around the dinner table makes sharing a meal far from nourishing. And sad to…


Cleanse with Dr. Frank Lipman and Holli Thompson

  Just in time for fall, Dr. Frank Lipman and I are offering a group Cleanse that I think you’ll love. In case you don’t know, Dr. Lipman is the…

Ginger Lime Detox Tea

Ginger Lime Detox Drink

  We were visiting my good friend, C., this summer, and as we walked into her exquisite home over looking the ocean, she offered us some ginger tea “from Gwyneth…


Creamsicle Smoothie

  This creamy smoothie is a bright spot for days when you need a shot of sunshine. It’s loaded with Vitamin C, and perfect for the first days of fall…


How to Prepare for Your Cleanse

  You’ve decided to do a cleanse, congratulations! This can be a life changing experience if you follow these important tips on how to prepare. I know, I know, preparing…

Do you need to cleanse?

Cleansing is not a new fad or a different word for diet. Cleansing is a meaningful way to support your body, to clear up minor symptoms now that could lead to bigger symptoms later. Here are some signs that you need to cleanse. 1) You have a bloated belly or swelling somewhere in the body. Eating foods that are high in fat and sugar will lead to indigestion and bloating, and over time affect your gut health. Your gut, or digestion, is home to 70% of your overall immunity, making it vital to your overall health. A cleanse helps to flush your gut of yeast overgrowth, (yes, we all get it) and bad bacteria. Many people supplement with good bacteria, like probiotics, but killing off the bad bacteria is important to do first. The Cleanse with Benefits cleanse helps you to clear the way for a healthier gut. And a less bloated appearance. 2) You’re irritable, moody, and find it difficult to cope with stress. Stress and moodiness can be a sign that you’re toxic; your body is challenged by eliminating too many toxins. In other words, it can’t keep up. Eating a standard American diet, non-organic foods, too much…

watermelon apple smoothie

Watermelon Apple Smoothie

  We’re enjoying the last days of warm weather, waiting for chilly mornings and sweaters and clear skies that are sure to come soon. Local apples are abundant, suddenly, at…

Be my guest for a Cleanse Call on September 18th

Want to hear from a Cleanse Expert before we start? Join me for a free pre-Cleanse call with Jennifer Mielke, Be Well Health Coach who has coached hundreds of Dr. Lipman’s patients through the Cleanse process. Jennifer and I will talk about the BeWell Cleanse, how Dr. Lipman created it and why, the unique benefits it offers, and results you can expect. She’ll also share some of her favorite tips for making it all easy and fun. I’d love for you to join us to cleanse as well, here are all those details if you’re ready to sign up and order your kit now. We start soon! The first FIVE people to sign up get a special gift directly from Dr. Lipman. In the meantime, join Jen and me to talk about cleansing. It’s fall; the perfect time to cleanse. Date: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Time: 2pm Eastern Time Instructions to join us: Dial – (641) 715-3625 Then Enter Access Code – 745206# Read more here.

Tea Assortment

Yerba Mate isn’t tea

  I’m not a coffee girl, as I’ve shared, so teas and warming drinks help me get through the day. I believe that almost anything can be solved by a…


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