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What’s Your Salad Style?

  Are you in a SALAD RUT? Bored to tears with the same ‘ole thing? It happens. My team and I put on our lettuce-green thinking caps this week, (and…


In My…Bean Drawer

Beans are an excellent source of plant based protein, and contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. They’re also high in fiber, and help cleanse your colon as you digest…

The Dirty Dozen Food Additives

  Part of the reason I wrote Discover Your Nutritional Style is because I believe that most of the physical, and emotional issues that people face today can be improved or eliminated by making changes to their diet. In my book, I call out the “Bad Boys” of nutrition, and that includes all processed foods. I’ve seen, first hand, the enormous difference that eliminating processed foods can make. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to learn what’s really in those foods, so that you can make an informed decision. It is guaranteed to surprise you. That’s why I love sharing the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They’re a well researched source of information about what’s really in our foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, sunscreen, and more. The EWG website is full of user-friendly information that’s easy to find, and understand. Best-known for their Dirty Dozen guide to produce, highlighting produce infected with chemicals and pesticides, the EWG has become a wonderful tool for living a clean and healthy lifestyle. I’ve referred to their informative guides over and over throughout the years, and you’ll find them in my book, as well. Now, the EWG has come to our rescue again,…


VIP Vitamix Discount

  If there’s one product I love, it’s my Vitamix, and I think you know this. If you want to not only eat lots of fresh produce, but also have…

Supplementing your health

  Want to know a semi-secret? I’m not a big supplement-pusher, and pills actually make me gag. And psssttt…in my search for solutions to my previous health problems, I consulted with what feels like hundreds of so-called experts who, instead of asking me about my diet, recommended hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. I used to have drawers full of vitamins, but it wasn’t until I truly figured out my Nutritional Style that I found relief from my health issues, lost weight and began to feel amazing again. When I became a Health and Nutrition Coach, I decided to do things differently. While I do recommend some selected supplements, because my clients sometimes have deficiencies or feel better with them, my focus is on food and how you feel. The time when I DO recommend supplementation is in the winter months, when local produce is scarce and when our bodies have to work harder to fight off colds, flus and defend itself against the cold and lack of sunshine. If you or your family seems to get sick often, maybe it’s time to supplement your nutrition. Here’s what’s on my personal supplement shelf now. Elderberry: This tasty herb is antiviral…

Your Body’s PH and YOU

Craving more meat and animal protein in the colder weather? You’re not alone. Many people do this time of year. And yet venturing too far down that path may not be the best for your health for many reasons. Excessive meat consumption has been linked to higher cancer rates, heart disease, and digestive disorders. Meat takes longer than most foods to digest, and has a longer transit time in your digestive system than plant-based foods, like vegetables, fruits or seeds. And then there’s the pH theory of nutrition. Animal proteins create an acidic environment in your body as they are digested, and your body neutralizes in order to maintain the slightly alkaline environment it prefers. Because your body likes to be slightly alkaline, if you eat too many foods that are acidic, it will scramble to return itself to the right pH balance. Your pH is the number that measures how acidic or alkaline something is (A pH of 7 is neutral). Maintaining a proper pH is important for digestion, energy, clear skin, and your overall well being. It’s surprisingly easy to re-balance, however, so don’t despair. If you’ve been splurging this season, try to incorporate the following alkaline foods…


Breakfast is served

  I find myself preparing more breakfast meals this time of year. There are kids home from school, our friends and family filling the spare rooms, and a need for…


In My…Refrigerator

  Stick to your Nutritional Style™ by stocking your fridge with healthy staples. I’m a Modern Vegan, but my family is not, so you’ll find ideas for all Nutritional Styles…

squash-sweet potato-fall produce

3 Ways to Transition Your Diet to Fall

  I’m staring out at the first hint of yellow leaves on the maple tree outside my window, and I turned the heat on last night; my white linen pants…


Book First Look #4: It’s Food, Not Religion

  Discovering your Nutritional Style® will allow you to enjoy a bounty of foods and drinks that will sustain you for the rest of your life. It’s not religion, and it’s not scientific….


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