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Eat that cookie, drink that prosecco!

  I’m over the white-knuckle nutrition approach to holidays. The shame and regret that I hear around the dinner table makes sharing a meal far from nourishing. And sad to…


How a Juice Cleanse Brought Mr. & Mrs. Thompson closer

My husband and I recently did an eight-day juice fast… not a big deal for me, as a nutrition coach, but a pretty big step for my hub.  His idea of “green” was sautéed spinach and eggs, and healthy food means his morning protein smoothie.  But green juice?  Never. It turned out to be a pretty big deal for our marriage.  You’re probably familiar with the physical effects of cleansing or juicing.. glowing skin (wow- like a moonbeam), weight loss (a good five for me, eight for him—darn those men), increased energy (energizer bunny- after two days for me, the entire time for him-darn again),  and clear thinking; but not much is said about the emotional piece. There’s a big part of the cleansing ritual that rocks our emotional world. The more intense the cleanse + the longer you go, the more profound your experience may be. Juicers should come with a warning: Proceed at risk.  Juicing may put you in touch with long forgotten emotional issues you’d rather leave dormant. Each time I cleanse, I’m surprised at the insights, revelations and forgiveness that surfaces.  Old thoughts come in, sometimes days of negative stuff, comments, hurts, offense, fears. Why am I…

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Age Proof Beauty

  When USA Today asked me to me one of their “Age Proof Beauties”, I was flattered, but when I saw their “Modern Woman” magazine on the newsstands over the…

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What’s under that dress? Body Image revealed

Unless you’ve been under a rock in the past week or so, you’ve seen the new Dove video where a portrait artist draws women in two ways; from their own…


Your Kitchen is Closed

My clients daughter, Gracie, is a snacker.  Gracie was raised with frequent snacks at school, and at home she gets a snack before dinner, and one at bedtime too. She’s not unusual. We’re a nation obsessed with snacking.  Especially our kids.  Maybe it’s aggressive food advertising, or the popularity of processed foods, or the accessibility of any food we want at any time of year. Gracie grew up this way, ending her day with a snack, and now it’s her normal eating style.  It’s  a habit, and habits can be hard to break. Grace’s mother is concerned; she sees her daughter putting on weight, and mindlessly eating every night, even after a substantial dinner. Another client of mine, Emma, is a snacker as well.  But Emma didn’t grow up that way.  She began snacking at night when she started a new, high pressure job.  She eats healthy foods all day long, and in fact loves good food and prepares a lot of it herself.  She begins her day with a green smoothie, has salads for lunch, healthy proteins, and dinner is often gourmet cooking and delicious. The after-dinner snacking is her downfall. Emma starts roaming the kitchen at about 8pm,…


Blue Monday / January’s side effect

Happy January, Sunshine! Not feeling quite so sunny? You’re not alone. It’s common this time of year to feel blue. The Europeans have identified the third Monday in January as the day when people feel the saddest, and they named it Blue Monday. It’s a reaction to the dark days of winter, the lack of Vitamin D, the cold weather, and having failed at their New Year’s Resolutions. Failure is a horrible word, and I’ve learned that failure, when it comes to your diet, your foods, and your nutrition, is often the result of trying too hard. Sometimes pushing through, especially in the dark days of January, is counter-intuitive. I met my new client, Rachel, this week in a one-on-one phone session. Rachel was gripping her diet with rules that were impossible. She was juicing, and she was freezing cold. Her fingers were numb when she called me, but she’d read that a juice cleanse was the best and fastest way to drop weight. She scheduled a session with me to supervise her cleanse, but we discovered so much more. There were a few things going on. Rachel was taking in way too much sugar from the juice, creating bloating…


Your ideal weight, and holding back

What would you do if you were at your ideal weight? I was staring-down at a new swimsuit, in a house on the beach, with family, friends, and a wild surf nearby. I wasn’t at my “ideal” weight, and it was ticking me off, holding me back physically and emotionally. “What would you do if you were at your ideal weight?” , flashed into my mind, and the answer came immediately. “Anything I want to.” It hit me over the head. It smacked me silly. It flattened me. Years of holding back, always wanting to lose those two, or five, or ten, or twenty pounds, (at times even more) before I would “do it”. I’d held back from all kind of things over the years, feeling not quite good enough, not yet my best. I’m a grown up now. I’m happily married. I’m successful. I have my own company. I have a child. Who really cares? When does good enough, become good enough? When does happiness begin to reflect what’s in your heart instead of the amount of body weight you carry around? I put that swimsuit on. I smiled. I grabbed a sea kayak, joined my athletic husband and…


Self Love: Why are we so hard on ourselves?

It’s summer, it’s bathing suit season, and it’s all around us. I grew up with it, in a family of 4 daughters. I’ve lived my life with it, as a woman who has lots of women friends. I hear it almost daily, as a nutrition coach. I’m talking about women complaining about their bodies; shining big, bright lights on their “flaws”, the parts that they hate, or that they wish they could change. Sometimes, it’s so prevalent, that if it doesn’t happen, it feels like there’s an elephant in the room. You can actually wait for it. Put a group of women together, especially in swim suits, no matter what they look like, and they’re compelled to self criticize; before anyone can do it, say it or think it first. I’m talking about smart, sexy, savvy ladies. What is that? Is it a way of bonding? Or is it a throw back to when the attractive female would get the strongest male, and the species would survive? Is this a primal instinct and if so, can we stare it down, smash it to the ground and move on, once and for all? I’m all for improving your health and your…


Holli Thompson interviews Marc David, from the Institute for Psychology of Eating

Please join us for an exciting free event with Marc David – Nutritional Psychologist, best selling author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. He’ll be interviewed in a free teleseminar by Holli Thompson, founder of This event is an opportunity to take a beautiful leap forward with food. You’ll learn some of the powerful concepts from the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that can help you create a more inspired and nourishing relationship with food. When: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time) Here’s a description of this great talk that you won’t want to miss: Empower Your Metabolism with the Psychology of Eating So many of us understand the importance of good nutrition when it comes to looking great and feeling great. But despite a wealth of information about what to eat, we can still have our struggles with extra pounds, overeating, binge eating, confusion around cravings, appetite issues, body image challenges, and so much more. It’s time for some simple, straight, and practical strategies when it comes to eating and emotions. Marc David – Nutritional Psychologist, best selling author, and founder of the Institute for the…

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Food as Love; Finding Your Hug

  A couple of months ago, our cat, Little, became voraciously hungry. Little is my son’s cat, and having been raised by a young boy, he’s never wanted anything other…


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