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DIY:: Aloe and Frankincense Moisturizer

Years ago, I met a woman in NYC who had the most gorgeous skin I’d ever seen. It wasn’t just that it was wrinkle free; it was flawless and clear. I couldn’t resist asking for her secret; did she have one? It was something that I don’t normally do. Her reaction told me it was question that she’d been asked many times. Her mother had raised her to use aloe juice on her skin, something that she’s done every day of her grown-up life. I’d seen the wonder of aloe on myself at a young age after a terrible sunburn, but she confirmed it for me. You can use aloe straight, or for some additional healing and anti-aging benefits, incorporate the warm and spicy aroma of frankincense like I do. Frankincense is known for improving skin tone and conditioning the skin. It helps prevent wrinkles and even heals scars. It’s a luxury oil, but works well in small doses. My client, Shane, loves this oil as a wrinkle fighter, and uses it several times a week combined with aloe or coconut oil smoothed on her skin. Ingredients 1 cup pure 100% aloe vera gel 10 drops frankincense oil Gently shake…

starter kit

Your Nutritional Style Starter Kit

  Ever wondered what a health coach or nutritionist would recommend just for YOU? I’ve been offering one-on-one nutrition coaching for years, but recently I changed it up. I doubled…

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How to Shop at a Farmers Market

  Your local farmers markets offers varieties that you just can’t find at your grocery store. That’s why we love them, right? Now’s a great time to plan a trip,…

How a Juice Cleanse Brought Mr. & Mrs. Thompson closer

My husband and I recently did an eight-day juice fast… not a big deal for me, as a nutrition coach, but a pretty big step for my hub.  His idea of “green” was sautéed spinach and eggs, and healthy food means his morning protein smoothie.  But green juice?  Never. It turned out to be a pretty big deal for our marriage.  You’re probably familiar with the physical effects of cleansing or juicing.. glowing skin (wow- like a moonbeam), weight loss (a good five for me, eight for him—darn those men), increased energy (energizer bunny- after two days for me, the entire time for him-darn again),  and clear thinking; but not much is said about the emotional piece. There’s a big part of the cleansing ritual that rocks our emotional world. The more intense the cleanse + the longer you go, the more profound your experience may be. Juicers should come with a warning: Proceed at risk.  Juicing may put you in touch with long forgotten emotional issues you’d rather leave dormant. Each time I cleanse, I’m surprised at the insights, revelations and forgiveness that surfaces.  Old thoughts come in, sometimes days of negative stuff, comments, hurts, offense, fears. Why am I…


Age Proof Beauty

  When USA Today asked me to me one of their “Age Proof Beauties”, I was flattered, but when I saw their “Modern Woman” magazine on the newsstands over the…

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70 is the new 50

  The number “70” kept popping up last week. Not 70 pumpkin seeds, but 70 as an AGE, and it inspired me to sit down and wrap my head around…

Coconut all ways

The Many Uses of Coconut

It occurred to me the other day, as I was cooking with a couple of different coconut products, that I probably use some part of this marvelous nut each day….


Happy Mother’s Day!

  Flowers are the perfect gift, always, for Mother’s Day… or a new nightgown, or an elegant bathrobe that she’d never buy herself.  But there are some healthy goodies that…


What’s under that dress? Body Image revealed

Unless you’ve been under a rock in the past week or so, you’ve seen the new Dove video where a portrait artist draws women in two ways; from their own…


Foods to Keep You Looking 10 Years Younger (Trust Me!)

  It can be difficult to tell a woman’s age. Have you ever met a woman whom you’re sure is much older than you, and you find out that she’s…


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