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Coconut all ways

The Many Uses of Coconut

It occurred to me the other day, as I was cooking with a couple of different coconut products, that I probably use some part of this marvelous nut each day….


Happy Mother’s Day!

  Flowers are the perfect gift, always, for Mother’s Day… or a new nightgown, or an elegant bathrobe that she’d never buy herself.  But there are some healthy goodies that…


What’s under that dress? Body Image revealed

Unless you’ve been under a rock in the past week or so, you’ve seen the new Dove video where a portrait artist draws women in two ways; from their own…


Foods to Keep You Looking 10 Years Younger (Trust Me!)

  It can be difficult to tell a woman’s age. Have you ever met a woman whom you’re sure is much older than you, and you find out that she’s…


Holli’s Green Juice

  Getting your greens from green juice, or a green smoothie, is an upbeat, concentrated, liquid vitamin pill of happiness. Green juice will make your spirits soar, give you clarity,…

red pepper-tomato-soup

Holli’s Harvest Soup, with Carrots, Red Peppers, and Tomatoes

  I’m crazy for this easy Harvest Soup, made from the freshest ingredients, hopefully straight from your garden or farmers market. It’s all here; high Vitamin C from red peppers,…

Exercise; Fast, Easy, and Totally Do-Able!

It can be really hard to get going. Maybe you’ve taken a few months off, maybe you’re the queen of inconsistency, or maybe you just hate to exercise. You know it builds a healthy brain. You know how good it feels when you’re done. You love the feeling of muscles emerging, the word “toned” seems all of a sudden possible. You love the happy, endorphin rush you get, and you really love the way it feels to be strong. But you still don’t always do it. Whatever your reason, it’s hard for you. I get it. Been there! Especially for us busy types, (is anyone not that type?) the excuses are endless, time is short, and it’s so much more fun to talk on the phone or enjoy your latte. Here are three fun ways to add muscle tone, boost your mood, and improve your self confidence that you gotta try. They’re fast, easy and totally do-able. 1) Buy a REBOUNDER Rebounder’s (mini adult trampolines) are fantastic for overall toning, and they’re fun too. I have one next to my desk, and I bounce all the time. Rebounding is great for stimulating your lymph system, so it’s detoxifying and overall…


3 Superfoods for Super Energy

  Fall’s coming, and you may need all the help you can get when it comes to having more energy. Someone asked me to choose just 3 items to add…

Your ideal weight, and holding back

What would you do if you were at your ideal weight? I was staring-down at a new swimsuit, in a house on the beach, with family, friends, and a wild surf nearby. I wasn’t at my “ideal” weight, and it was ticking me off, holding me back physically and emotionally. “What would you do if you were at your ideal weight?” , flashed into my mind, and the answer came immediately. “Anything I want to.” It hit me over the head. It smacked me silly. It flattened me. Years of holding back, always wanting to lose those two, or five, or ten, or twenty pounds, (at times even more) before I would “do it”. I’d held back from all kind of things over the years, feeling not quite good enough, not yet my best. I’m a grown up now. I’m happily married. I’m successful. I have my own company. I have a child. Who really cares? When does good enough, become good enough? When does happiness begin to reflect what’s in your heart instead of the amount of body weight you carry around? I put that swimsuit on. I smiled. I grabbed a sea kayak, joined my athletic husband and…

Self Love: Why are we so hard on ourselves?

It’s summer, it’s bathing suit season, and it’s all around us. I grew up with it, in a family of 4 daughters. I’ve lived my life with it, as a woman who has lots of women friends. I hear it almost daily, as a nutrition coach. I’m talking about women complaining about their bodies; shining big, bright lights on their “flaws”, the parts that they hate, or that they wish they could change. Sometimes, it’s so prevalent, that if it doesn’t happen, it feels like there’s an elephant in the room. You can actually wait for it. Put a group of women together, especially in swim suits, no matter what they look like, and they’re compelled to self criticize; before anyone can do it, say it or think it first. I’m talking about smart, sexy, savvy ladies. What is that? Is it a way of bonding? Or is it a throw back to when the attractive female would get the strongest male, and the species would survive? Is this a primal instinct and if so, can we stare it down, smash it to the ground and move on, once and for all? I’m all for improving your health and your…


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