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IMG_1137 04.22.2014

Book Review: Integrative Nutrition

The new edition of Integrative Nutrition is a must read if you get that there’s a connection between what you eat on a daily basis and your energy, looks, weight…

Summer Vegetables-broccoli, tomatoes, cuke, celery, broccoli, pepper, lettuce, eggplnt 04.08.2014

Foods to make you (even more) beautiful

  “I can spot your clients from across the room.” “What do you mean?” I asked “They glow, there’s something about them, they’re gorgeous. I can spot the girls that…


Book Review: The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

Mark Hyman, MD has a new book called The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. It’s already on the best seller list, and I’m excited to share why. Dr. Hyman invited me to be part of a beta group to test the 10 Day Detox Diet. As a life long researcher in the field of nutrition, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse, so a client of mine and I joined in. The book takes you through a well balanced, holistic approach to detoxification, and Dr. Hyman talks about toxicity in a easy to understand way. He offers clear cut ways to change your lifestyle, and also recommends specific herbs and supplements. Hyman is a western medical doctor with a strong holistic lean; that’s why I love this book. When it’s time for the cleanse, Hyman asks you to remove certain food groups; including the usual suspects, like dairy and gluten, but the big piece of the puzzle here is that Hyman wages war on sugar. And that makes all the difference. Hyman asks you to remove starches in all their forms, and explains the sugar connection to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. He leaves the healthy fats in, so…

IMG_5010 01.08.2014

7 Ways to enhance your Winter Cleanse

The thought of drinking only juice and munching on cold salads while the wind is whipping around our farm makes my fingers go numb. So how do you enjoy a…

In My Vanity 10.17.2013

Magnesium, the miracle mineral

  Meet my friend, Magnesium, the miracle mineral. Magnesium is found in many foods, like spinach, nuts, black beans, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate, but chances are you’re still lacking…

Holli action2 07.15.2013

How to Shop at a Farmers Market

  It’s peak produce season, and the local farmers markets are bursting with produce, with varieties that you just can’t find at your grocery store. Now’s a great time to…

Modern-Woman-pages_00041.jpg 06.20.2013

Age Proof Beauty

  When USA Today asked me to me one of their “Age Proof Beauties”, I was flattered, but when I saw their “Modern Woman” magazine on the newsstands over the…

Coconut all ways 05.25.2013

The Many Uses of Coconut

It occurred to me the other day, as I was cooking with a couple of different coconut products, that I probably use some part of this marvelous nut each day….

milk 05.21.2013

Carrageenan; Stay Away

I often recommend dairy free milks, like coconut milk, almond, and hemp for a delicious milky beverage to add to your smoothies, or to top your granola, because many people…

images.jpg 05.01.2013

What’s under that dress? Body Image revealed

Unless you’ve been under a rock in the past week or so, you’ve seen the new Dove video where a portrait artist draws women in two ways; from their own…

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