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red drink

Bring Back Healthy

I’ve been pushing hard lately….trying to get just a liiittle more out of each day. And so, 2017 has exhausted me. Cold and flu season have had their way, and…


Apple Crisp, Healthy Style

  It’s challenging to get my son and his friends to eat a healthy breakfast; last week I watched as a bowl of local apples gradually withered on the kitchen…


Halloween Mash Up

  Hosting a Halloween Party? Don’t settle for unhealthy… This is your chance to show that scary can be nutritious too! I’ve pulled together a Halloween Mash Up, just for…

Mom and me

Wisdom from my mother

  Happy Mother’s Day, Moms! I was raised by a good mother. Thank you, universe, because I know I was fortunate…so this year I’m writing my mother a love letter….

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Easter Asparagus

One of my favorite signs of spring is fresh asparagus. Did you know that there are festivals devoted to the asparagus all over Europe? True. While I’ve never grown it…

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New! Online Workshop with Holli

  I have something exciting to share with you, and to offer you a part in, so please read this carefully. Each season I try to look within myself to…

rituals for the new year

I hope your holidays so far are wonderful; filled with close family, delicious foods, and the dearest of friends… And maybe the new Star Wars movie, too. I confess to pushing harder than I should have this season….trying to get just a little more out of each day and doing my best to keep everyone happy. That’s what we do, don’t we? So if you’re guilty of that too, your daily self care may have slid of of Santa’s Sleigh. And, adrenal fatigue may have set in as a result of all that stress. Here are some signs that you might be overdone, too. *You’re having a hard time winding down at night, and feeling exhausted the next day after a full night’s sleep… ugh… *You’re retaining water even though you’re eating clean….double ugh… *You feel indecisive and distracted.. How to choose between red or white? Sparkling or still? Stay or go? …Don’t ask me… I’m committed to using this week to get back on track, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to bring back YOU, as well. Serenity, calm, focus… Let’s try this on before 2016 hits, shall we? Life has me splitting my…

holli xmas

making it through the holidays

  I was on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC last week to celebrate the Health Coach Resolution put forth by our US Congress, and I was asked to give a…

Holli and Moses

Fresh peach Bellini’s

  Have you been to Harry Cipriani’s in Venice? They invented this cocktail called the Bellini, a mixture of fresh, local Italian peach nectar and sparkling Italian wine (you can…

essential oils

What’s in my suitcase

I’m getting ready to head out of town, and my goal is to maintain my nutritional style as best I can. Perfection is not for me, but letting it all…


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