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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I spent some quality time with my son at his school this past weekend. It was an especially fantastic visit. He’s so busy, and he loves it, and that makes me one proud Mama bear. At breakfast on Sunday, he turned to me and said he hadn’t yet gotten me a Mother’s Day gift. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree this time around. I, too, have been so busy that I haven’t taken care of my own Mom. So, if you’re like us, I thought I’d share a list of ideas that light me up. Maybe something below will suit the Mother(s) in your life? The Tea Lover A friend calls this Breville Tea Maker the “Tea Robot”. What a treat to have the perfect temperature tea waiting for you in the morning. I added some of my favorite loose teas too. *This is what I want the most. I’m a connoisseur of sorts. The Luxe-ist While a gift certificate for a massage may never get used, going WITH your mom to the spa is always a great gift. The best. For my last minute local DC and VA friends, I personally love treatments at Salamander Resort….


Green cannellini bean Dip

  I was pressed to deliver a green snack to a group of lower school kids for St. Patrick’s day, and having contributed guacamole one too many times, I made…

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Eat that cookie, drink that prosecco!

  I’m over the white-knuckle nutrition approach to holidays. The shame and regret that I hear around the dinner table makes sharing a meal far from nourishing. And sad to…

hot cocoa

Hot Cocoa, Vegan Style

  I was craving hot cocoa the other day, as I came indoors from temperatures down into the mid-teens and I realized that hot cocoa is something I never “allow”…

Dirty Little Secrets to Surviving Holiday Parties

It is possible to maintain your nutritional style and even thrive your way through the party season—just follow these tips! Eat first. Counting on your holiday office party to serve healthy food won’t always work, so be prepared. Eat something before the party begins to keep your blood sugar even and help you keep your resolve. If you walk in feeling hungry, you’ll end up having that extra cookie, or driving too many crackers into the gooey dip. Instead, eat a healthy protein at your desk or before you leave the house. The snack will stabilize your blood sugar and improve your personal staying power. Almonds, walnuts, nut butter on celery, a few bites of animal protein, or a Nutritional Style® smoothie all are great options. Choose whole foods. If you can manage to eat only or mostly whole foods when you go out, you’ll be ahead of the game the entire holiday season. Whole foods are foods with just one ingredient, such as celery, nuts, carrots, salmon, salad, and so on. That means avoid anything baked, goopy, creamy, oily, cheesy, or fatty, especially if you don’t know the ingredients. If you have to compromise, choose something that’s high in…

pumpkin puree

Homemade Pumpkin Puree

  I’ve been sharing lots of pumpkin recipes lately, here on my blog, and on Pinterest so I thought I’d show you how easy it is to make your own…

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What to do the day after a big meal

  I love the holidays. And I love holiday meals. I want to celebrate with family and friends who are like family, and enjoy good food, guilt free. That’s what…


Local, Colorful, Honey Glazed Carrots

  Honey glazed carrots are a favorite at our farm, especially in the spring when the carrots are small and tender. I especially love using a variety of colors, from…


Happy Mother’s Day!

  Flowers are the perfect gift, always, for Mother’s Day… or a new nightgown, or an elegant bathrobe that she’d never buy herself.  But there are some healthy goodies that…

Blue Monday / January’s side effect

Happy January, Sunshine! Not feeling quite so sunny? You’re not alone. It’s common this time of year to feel blue. The Europeans have identified the third Monday in January as the day when people feel the saddest, and they named it Blue Monday. It’s a reaction to the dark days of winter, the lack of Vitamin D, the cold weather, and having failed at their New Year’s Resolutions. Failure is a horrible word, and I’ve learned that failure, when it comes to your diet, your foods, and your nutrition, is often the result of trying too hard. Sometimes pushing through, especially in the dark days of January, is counter-intuitive. I met my new client, Rachel, this week in a one-on-one phone session. Rachel was gripping her diet with rules that were impossible. She was juicing, and she was freezing cold. Her fingers were numb when she called me, but she’d read that a juice cleanse was the best and fastest way to drop weight. She scheduled a session with me to supervise her cleanse, but we discovered so much more. There were a few things going on. Rachel was taking in way too much sugar from the juice, creating bloating…


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