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Holli photo shoot

Healthy pets = happy pets

I’m not a dog-person or a cat-person; I’m both. Don’t make me choose. We have an invisible sign above our farm, seen only by stray dogs and cats, that says…

In My Cleaning Basket

Happy Clean Out Your Fridge Day!

  Did you know that November 15th, this Saturday, is the 19th National Clean Out Your Fridge Day? That’s right. If your fridge is looking (or um, smelling) funky, now…


In My…Refrigerator

  Stick to your Nutritional Style™ by stocking your fridge with healthy staples. I’m a Modern Vegan, but my family is not, so you’ll find ideas for all Nutritional Styles…


Fall Entertaining Style

It’s gotten chilly here is Virginia; given the time change and early sunsets, and I’m happy to be inside, cuddled by the fire, wrapped in a throw and planning to…

In My (Winter) Medicine Cabinet

Ebola and You

  I was visiting a school the other day, and I noticed a poster about Ebola, advising the students on how to protect themselves from this deadly virus. I have…


Essential Oils 101

  “How do I get started with essential oils?” I keep hearing this from people who’ve read my new book, Discover Your Nutritional Style. You’re intrigued, they smell soooo good,…


Book First Look #4: It’s Food, Not Religion

  Discovering your Nutritional Style® will allow you to enjoy a bounty of foods and drinks that will sustain you for the rest of your life. It’s not religion, and it’s not scientific….


Rock Your Vitamix

  This week I’m giving away not one, but TWO Vitamix blenders as part of my Launch with Benefits. I can’t wait to find out who is going to win…


Book First Look #3: Your Movement Style

  It’s no secret that movement keeps anxiety at bay, gives your skin a glow, helps you sleep, can prevent heart disease and cancer, and so much more. But I’ve…


Book First Look #1: The Bad Boys

Whether you are a Flexible Vegetarian, Modern Vegan or Healthy Omnivore (not sure? Click here to find out), one part of living with your Nutritional Style® is learning about the…


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