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New! Online Workshop with Holli

  I have something exciting to share with you, and to offer you a part in, so please read this carefully. Each season I try to look within myself to…

Are YOU healthy, hot, and happy?

What’s holding YOU back from being all of those things? I’m listening in this week as my friend, Melissa Kathryn, interviews a group of experts in the health, happiness and feel-good fields. And I’m happy to say that I’m one of the speakers. This unique online event is free of charge and designed to give you real results. It’s my privilege to partner with this group and invite you to join the thousands of listeners coming together to receive this roadmap to weight loss, health and body love success. You’ll be learning the latest nutrition, fitness and mindset information, and strategies designed to help you achieve optimal health. But this event is not about “eat this, not that”. It addresses the missing links that will help change the way you look, think, feel and act so that you can go on and thrive. Listen in as Melissa taps into the minds of world renowned experts, coaches and doctors in the fields of weight loss, fitness, nutrition and mindset. What if you could extract what you need to lose weight for good, feel great in your body, have endless energy, vitality and radiance, to fully love and accept yourself and create…


Your post summer clean up

  It happens every August..My health regime seems to soften. Maybe it’s Nantucket’s fault, all that french rose and farm-to-table fare. Or maybe it’s the heat that makes me want…


Staying healthy in times of stress

  Transitions can be stressful. Heading back to school, the mad dash to get your kids ready, and facing that overly-booked fall calendar. Honey, it’s enough to do me in….


Glowing summer skin all year long

  Maybe it’s being outside more, or catching sun from under that Panama hat, but everyone looks better in the summer. Right? The extra exposure..sleeveless dresses, sandals, short pants, makes…

essential oils

What’s in my suitcase

I’m getting ready to head out of town, and my goal is to maintain my nutritional style as best I can. Perfection is not for me, but letting it all…


A Happy Gut

  It’s barely summer, and I’m concerned about your immunity for the fall. That’s because now is the time to begin strengthening your digestion, which is where most of your…


Cooling foods for summer

  Whether you’re spending long days at the beach, or grilling on your back patio, summer brings good times you’ll want to savor. For me, they almost always involve food,…

Men’s Nutritional Style

  I talk and write about women, but the truth is I work with men too, and often (I got a lot of grief from the guys on the little black dress analogy in my book). So, gentlemen, and the ladies who take care of you, this is for you. Here are my top 5 tips on how to live your best men’s Nutritional Style. 1) Movement A healthy heart and cardiovascular system is the key to living a long and healthy life, so regular movement is important. You know that, right? Movement also helps with stress, and boosts your fat burning while building muscle which then burns more calories. And burning more calories helps you keep your weight down, where it should be. Guys tend to carry extra weight in the middle, and extra fat in that area in particular contributes to heart disease and puts your health at risk. SO move…more. Run, walk fast, lift weights, order Beach Body, go to Zumba…Whatever it is that floats your boat, (mountain biking, anyone?) do it. Now. 2) Stress Stress promotes free radicals that lead to aging; it lowers your immunity and creates inflammation that can then also lead to a…


Summer Style for Kids

  I was driving my son home from school the other day, and we talked about the business projects I’m working on this summer. He asked me if I had…


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