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Nutrition-Cover-sm 08.27.2014

Book First Look #1: The Bad Boys

Whether you are a Flexible Vegetarian, Modern Vegan or Healthy Omnivore (not sure? Click here to find out), one part of living with your Nutritional Style® is learning about the…

2Elizabeth's Gone Raw June 20 Menu 06.26.2014

Review: Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

  Coming to Washington, DC, anytime soon? If so, don’t miss this restaurant review! Elizabeth Petty is a Washington, D.C. business woman, wife and mother. She also owns an elegant…


The best sunscreens 2014

I’ve used sunscreen since I was 12 years old, after getting a horrible case of sun poisoning while visiting a friend in Florida. My Aunt Mary handed me a bottle of “suntan lotion” that summer, and told me I’d have gorgeous skin forever if I used it. Like most 12 year olds, I wasn’t worried about my skin, but I had now seen the damage the sun can do. I’ve been using sunscreen ever since. Preventing sunburn is still on my mind during the warm months, but now I’m acutely aware of the sun’s part in dangerous skin cancers. And as a mom I know how sensitive babies and young kids’ skin can be. I’ve also investigated the impact chemicals can have on our overall health, and our body’s ability to cleanse, heal, and maintain it’s overall efficacy. There are significant differences between the various sun products out there–and I’m super picky about what goes into my beach bag, and onto my body. I want you to all have the healthiest, happiest summer yet. That means an absence of burns, and ending the summer with more of a glow than you started with. I was happy to wake up to…

4685 05.22.2014

Does your weight carry too much weight?

  Recently, I shared my weight struggle and getting ready for the photo shoot for my upcoming book, Discover Your Nutritional Style, and how I turned myself around, fast. I…


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I spent some quality time with my son at his school this past weekend. It was an especially fantastic visit. He’s so busy, and he loves it, and that makes me one proud Mama bear. At breakfast on Sunday, he turned to me and said he hadn’t yet gotten me a Mother’s Day gift. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree this time around. I, too, have been so busy that I haven’t taken care of my own Mom. So, if you’re like us, I thought I’d share a list of ideas that light me up. Maybe something below will suit the Mother(s) in your life? The Tea Lover A friend calls this Breville Tea Maker the “Tea Robot”. What a treat to have the perfect temperature tea waiting for you in the morning. I added some of my favorite loose teas too. *This is what I want the most. I’m a connoisseur of sorts. The Luxe-ist While a gift certificate for a massage may never get used, going WITH your mom to the spa is always a great gift. The best. For my last minute local DC and VA friends, I personally love treatments at Salamander Resort….

Audrey Hepburn 04.30.2014

Audrey Hepburn says so…

  “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to…

4759 04.17.2014

Getting ready for my closeup

  I had just finished writing my nutrition book this past winter, and shortly after sending in the final edits, it was time to schedule a photo shoot. Incredibly, my…

Summer Vegetables-broccoli, tomatoes, cuke, celery, broccoli, pepper, lettuce, eggplnt 04.08.2014

Foods to make you (even more) beautiful

  “I can spot your clients from across the room.” “What do you mean?” I asked “They glow, there’s something about them, they’re gorgeous. I can spot the girls that…

IMG_5010 01.08.2014

7 Ways to enhance your Winter Cleanse

The thought of drinking only juice and munching on cold salads while the wind is whipping around our farm makes my fingers go numb. So how do you enjoy a…

holiday pic 12.30.2013

Eat that cookie, drink that prosecco!

  I’m over the white-knuckle nutrition approach to holidays. The shame and regret that I hear around the dinner table makes sharing a meal far from nourishing. And sad to…


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