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Dirty Little Secrets to Surviving Holiday Parties

It is possible to maintain your nutritional style and even thrive your way through the party season—just follow these tips! Eat first. Counting on your holiday office party to serve healthy food won’t always work, so be prepared. Eat something before the party begins to keep your blood sugar even and help you keep your resolve. If you walk in feeling hungry, you’ll end up having that extra cookie, or driving too many crackers into the gooey dip. Instead, eat a healthy protein at your desk or before you leave the house. The snack will stabilize your blood sugar and improve your personal staying power. Almonds, walnuts, nut butter on celery, a few bites of animal protein, or a Nutritional Style® smoothie all are great options. Choose whole foods. If you can manage to eat only or mostly whole foods when you go out, you’ll be ahead of the game the entire holiday season. Whole foods are foods with just one ingredient, such as celery, nuts, carrots, salmon, salad, and so on. That means avoid anything baked, goopy, creamy, oily, cheesy, or fatty, especially if you don’t know the ingredients. If you have to compromise, choose something that’s high in…

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What to do the day after a big meal

  I love the holidays. And I love holiday meals. I want to celebrate with family and friends who are like family, and enjoy good food, guilt free. That’s what…

In My Vanity 10.17.2013

Magnesium, the miracle mineral

  Meet my friend, Magnesium, the miracle mineral. Magnesium is found in many foods, like spinach, nuts, black beans, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate, but chances are you’re still lacking…


Cleanse the Clutter

I heard inspirational author, Cheryl Richardson, speak the other day in DC, at a Hay House event, and she talked about clutter. Cheryl described how she had spent her life holding onto stuff. She was in an unhealthy marriage, and when she finally got the strength to leave it, she began to toss out other things as well. Files, piles, drawers, paper; she had saved them all for someday. The someday when she just might need them. Someday she would need to know that. Someday someone might ask for it. What she was saying was that she didn’t trust that her needs would be met; that the universe would provide. Cheryl described throwing out an old file cabinet full of paper, and how she deliberately took the trash bag to a far away dumpster to avoid last minute regrets. Years later, she trusts that she’ll remember what she needs to know, when she needs to know it. She described the invisible energy cords attaching us to all of our stuff, and how those energy cords zap our energy every day. I thought about my big black file cabinet, I’m sure a good match to Cheryl’s. My piles, my desk, my…

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How to Prepare for Your Cleanse

  You’ve decided to do a cleanse, congratulations! This can be a life changing experience if you follow these important tips on how to prepare. I know, I know, preparing…


Be my guest for a Cleanse Call on September 18th

Want to hear from a Cleanse Expert before we start? Join me for a free pre-Cleanse call with Jennifer Mielke, Be Well Health Coach who has coached hundreds of Dr. Lipman’s patients through the Cleanse process. Jennifer and I will talk about the BeWell Cleanse, how Dr. Lipman created it and why, the unique benefits it offers, and results you can expect. She’ll also share some of her favorite tips for making it all easy and fun. I’d love for you to join us to cleanse as well, here are all those details if you’re ready to sign up and order your kit now. We start soon! The first FIVE people to sign up get a special gift directly from Dr. Lipman. In the meantime, join Jen and me to talk about cleansing. It’s fall; the perfect time to cleanse. Date: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Time: 2pm Eastern Time Instructions to join us: Dial – (641) 715-3625 Then Enter Access Code – 745206# Read more here.


what you can learn from cancer patients

  One of my good friends asked the other day, over tea, why my new website doesn’t talk more about Cancer? How can nutrition and food be stylish and fun, when I work with so many critical patients? She glanced up at me, over her berry breakfast, and wondered why I don’t talk more about illness and sickness, and the sadness that I must meet each day? And she inquired gently, what about your Cancer patients? I partner with one of the top Breast Cancer centers in the Washington, DC area. They refer their patients to me, women who have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Women who are often reeling, still, from their news. My friend was curious. I understood why. If you haven’t dealt with Cancer, or a serious illness, you might wonder too. Maybe you assume that nutrition coaching or analyzing one’s diet and food is for vain women who want to look good. It’s all about being skinny, after all. Isn’t it? Not in my world. It’s about feeling great. It’s about reducing inflammation; aches, pains, sinus, infertility, migraines, auto-immune issues, and even the big C. Cancer. It’s about the energy and awesomeness that you feel…

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Traveling in Nutritional Style

  I just got back from vacation. I ate what I wanted to, when I wanted to. Gluten, dairy, sweets. Not all day, every day, but my Nutritional Style sorta…

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Hosting Nutritional Styles® 

A glass of Viognier on the back porch, dinner in the garden. Casual, cook-it-all-myself, in sandals and a breezy dress. It’s what Summer is all about.  But how to be…

In My Fridge 07.20.2013

The Well-Stocked Fridge

Imagine having someone call and say that they want to photograph your fridge.  It’s sort of like having someone want to peek into your clothes closet.  I’d worry if I…


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