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A delicious way to fight colds

  There are a few miracles in nature—things that taste delicious and also boost your health. The elderberry is one such treasure. This beautiful and tasty berry contains powerful antioxidants,…

Sleep for Weight Loss and more

Are you tired, and finding it tough to rise and shine like usual? You may be tuning in to age-old programming to get more sleep, now, in the darker, colder winter. My friend, you need your rest. For thousands of years before us, our ancestors slept more during the cold months to conserve energy, and because there wasn’t much else to do. In today’s world, we need good quality rest more than ever, especially this time of year. Add in holiday parties, alcohol, sugar, the stress of family visits and gift giving, and your sleep had better improve, right away. The consequences of sleep deprivation can be severe. A lack of sleep can lead to memory loss, confusion, an inability to make smart decisions, aging skin, stress, and even weight gain. And while losing a few hours here and there might not be as serious as all that, eventually they do add up. Consistently getting less sleep can increase the production of ghrelin, the hormone that tells your brain what to eat. At the same time, leptin, the hormone that helps you know when you are full, doesn’t work as well when you’re tired. That means that you’ll likely eat…

Your Body’s PH and YOU

Craving more meat and animal protein in the colder weather? You’re not alone. Many people do this time of year. And yet venturing too far down that path may not be the best for your health for many reasons. Excessive meat consumption has been linked to higher cancer rates, heart disease, and digestive disorders. Meat takes longer than most foods to digest, and has a longer transit time in your digestive system than plant-based foods, like vegetables, fruits or seeds. And then there’s the pH theory of nutrition. Animal proteins create an acidic environment in your body as they are digested, and your body neutralizes in order to maintain the slightly alkaline environment it prefers. Because your body likes to be slightly alkaline, if you eat too many foods that are acidic, it will scramble to return itself to the right pH balance. Your pH is the number that measures how acidic or alkaline something is (A pH of 7 is neutral). Maintaining a proper pH is important for digestion, energy, clear skin, and your overall well being. It’s surprisingly easy to re-balance, however, so don’t despair. If you’ve been splurging this season, try to incorporate the following alkaline foods…

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Healthy pets = happy pets

I’m not a dog-person or a cat-person; I’m both. Don’t make me choose. We have an invisible sign above our farm, seen only by stray dogs and cats, that says…

In My Cleaning Basket

Happy Clean Out Your Fridge Day!

  Did you know that November 15th, this Saturday, is the 19th National Clean Out Your Fridge Day? That’s right. If your fridge is looking (or um, smelling) funky, now…


In My…Refrigerator

  Stick to your Nutritional Style™ by stocking your fridge with healthy staples. I’m a Modern Vegan, but my family is not, so you’ll find ideas for all Nutritional Styles…


Fall Entertaining Style

It’s gotten chilly here is Virginia; given the time change and early sunsets, and I’m happy to be inside, cuddled by the fire, wrapped in a throw and planning to…

In My (Winter) Medicine Cabinet

Ebola and You

  I was visiting a school the other day, and I noticed a poster about Ebola, advising the students on how to protect themselves from this deadly virus. I have…


Essential Oils 101

  “How do I get started with essential oils?” I keep hearing this from people who’ve read my new book, Discover Your Nutritional Style. You’re intrigued, they smell soooo good,…


Book First Look #4: It’s Food, Not Religion

  Discovering your Nutritional Style® will allow you to enjoy a bounty of foods and drinks that will sustain you for the rest of your life. It’s not religion, and it’s not scientific….


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