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Begin your nutrition education, today.

My journey at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition led me to a new career in the wellness field, and as an author of a soon to be released book called Discover Your Nutritional Style,I am extremely grateful to IIN, their cutting edge curriculum, and faculty. You can now enroll at Integrative Nutrition, online, today, without waiting to speak to admissions. I’ve been given a special offer to extend to you, and that is to receive $1000 off your enrollment by enrolling on-line. Skip on down in this post if you’re ready to begin! Not only did being a student at IIN help launch my coaching business and career, which I love, it changed my family’s lives and how we do things. It helped my son and me cope with the food intolerances that we share, and it ultimately helped me heal several health issues that I was experiencing. Regardless of your decision to launch a career in wellness, the education is priceless, and I hear from so many people who have completed the IIN program that it has added extraordinary value to their personal lives. They’ve gained skills from the schools’ holistic approach and have even applied what they’ve learned…


B School, is it for you?

People refer to Marie Forleo as Tony Robbins in a skirt, or the new Oprah, or the next big thing. Marie Forleo helped me shine bright like a diamond.. I met Marie two years ago; my business had received some international press, and I needed help fast. A mutual friend introduced me to Marie, and I was able to work with her one- on- one.  A private session with Marie was expensive, but worth every penny. That day changed the way I did business, and with Marie’s recommendations, I re-engineered my business, my web presence, and overall business style. After meeting with Marie, I  knew I was supposed to connect to her comet. She was a true star. She taught me many things, including simple ways to tweak my website to increase productivity and to make my health coaching more accessible to others. I learned how to reach for a bigger audience, internationally, and how to grow my client base to allow me to help more people. That year, I attend Marie’s live event, and I then I joined B School.   B School improved my business like nothing before or since has, and it helped refine and and up-leveled…

Holli Thompson 06.20.2012

The hard prune; letting go so you can move forward

  The hard prune was originally published in The Daily Love on June 6, 2012 We have a vineyard. Not an Italian investment, but a hobby, one-acre vineyard that feeds…


Holli Thompson interviews Marc David, from the Institute for Psychology of Eating

Please join us for an exciting free event with Marc David – Nutritional Psychologist, best selling author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. He’ll be interviewed in a free teleseminar by Holli Thompson, founder of This event is an opportunity to take a beautiful leap forward with food. You’ll learn some of the powerful concepts from the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that can help you create a more inspired and nourishing relationship with food. When: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time) Here’s a description of this great talk that you won’t want to miss: Empower Your Metabolism with the Psychology of Eating So many of us understand the importance of good nutrition when it comes to looking great and feeling great. But despite a wealth of information about what to eat, we can still have our struggles with extra pounds, overeating, binge eating, confusion around cravings, appetite issues, body image challenges, and so much more. It’s time for some simple, straight, and practical strategies when it comes to eating and emotions. Marc David – Nutritional Psychologist, best selling author, and founder of the Institute for the…


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