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Camu Kickstart Smoothie

I recently rediscovered camu camu after searching for a powerful food-based Vitamin C source. The stats are impressive; ½ teaspoon provides 400% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C…

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Amazing Acai Smoothie

  You’ve probably seen Acai berry powders, capsules, or purple packets in your grocery freezer section. But is this so-called superfood worth the hype? High in phytonutrients, omega fatty acids,…


Matcha for the New Year

  We all need something to inspire us, and sometimes, for foodie-nutritionista’s like me, its a new superfood. Especially as we change seasons to winter. Let’s talk about matcha. Unlike…

hot cocoa

Hot Choco-Matcha

  I’ve just fallen in love with this super-tea made from the entire green tea plant. For all the reasons why… go here. It’s a subtle choice, but meaningful, and…


The Athletic Green Smoothie

  I confess. I used to be down on powdered greens. I thought that they were a poor substitute for the real thing, and I coached my clients to skip…

Holli and Moses

Fresh peach Bellini’s

  Have you been to Harry Cipriani’s in Venice? They invented this cocktail called the Bellini, a mixture of fresh, local Italian peach nectar and sparkling Italian wine (you can…


Summer Style for Kids

  I was driving my son home from school the other day, and we talked about the business projects I’m working on this summer. He asked me if I had…


When summer sneaks up on you…

  Sometimes, summer just sneaks up on you.. It’s often the littlest things that make the biggest difference to your health. Staying hydrated is one of those simple, inexpensive, things….


Healthy summer lemonade

  I made lemonade the other day…as the weather turned hot and I craved refreshment. I quickly threw this together and then realized that I did not have a recipe…


Healthy Summer Margarita

  Yes, alcohol can be problematic for your health. Sugar. Inflammation. But sometimes, you want to indulge. I get it. And sometimes, it’s good to treat yourself. Just not everyday,…


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