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photo 3 04.01.2014

Lucuma Green Smoothie

  Lucuma is a superfood after my own heart. It’s sweet, nutritious and tastes subtly like maple. It’s also low glycemic, yet packed with nutritional benefits, like iron, zinc and…

_MG_6032 02.20.2014

Pomegranate Banana Smoothie

  Pomegranate seeds were always so challenging for me to get to, and messy too, until the healthy market near my home starting selling them fresh. Call me lazy, but…

smoothie_fb 02.06.2014

New Ideas for the Green Smoothie Lover

  Green smoothie drinkers grab hold of each day, in all it’s wholesome goodness.  They want to fill up on all that life has to offer, and they love the…

hot cocoa 12.18.2013

Hot Cocoa, Vegan Style

  I was craving hot cocoa the other day, as I came indoors from temperatures down into the mid-teens and I realized that hot cocoa is something I never “allow”…

pumpkin 11.13.2013

Spicy Pumpkin Shake

  Pumpkin is the new black. Well, at least this November. I love it year round, but it’s interesting how we’re drawn to this seasonal squash in the Autumn, and…

cranpumpkin_000 11.13.2013

Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Stein’s Pumpkin Oatmeal

Elizabeth and I attended school together at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and she went on to create Purely Elizabeth, a food company that offers gluten free, organic baked goods…

Ginger-Berry-Chia-Seed-Pudding-Recipe2 11.06.2013

Guest Blogger: Camille Styles’ Ginger-Berry Chia Seed Pudding

  I first met Camille Styles when my husband and I were featured on her site hosting a winter hunt breakfast at our farm in Virginia. Camille is a lover…

yellow smoothie 10.31.2013

The Yellow Smoothie, on ABC-TV

  I did my monthly appearance on ABC-TV’s Let’s Talk Live last week, and I showed my true colors. Fall’s harvest colors, that is, with a full array of phytonutrients….

nectarines 09.30.2013

Creamsicle Smoothie

  This creamy smoothie is a bright spot for days when you need a shot of sunshine. It’s loaded with Vitamin C, and perfect for the first days of fall…

coconut-cacao 09.25.2013

Guest Blogger: Dr. Frank Lipman’s Cocoa Chia Energy Drink

  My Guest Blogger this week is Dr. Frank Lipman, director of Eleven Eleven Wellness center in New York City, and best selling author. Dr. Lipman is also my guest…

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