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Egg and Avocado on Sweet Potato Toast600x800

Egg and Avocado on Sweet Potato Toast

My assistant, Jenny, and I were talking about the cleanse that I’m collaborating on next week, (that’s with Dr. Frank Lipman, at 20% off! Cleanse Kit and workshop) and she…

Hollis' heart love salad

Holli’s Heart Love Salad

Whether it’s enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones, or taking time for self care, making our heart health a priority is a must. Warning, this dish may lead…


Mediterranean Quinoa

  It takes a village, don’t you think? My friends and I have been talking about the importance of community lately and how grateful we are to have ours. Having…

quinoa kale

Quinoa, Kale and Garlic Stir Fry

  Quinoa is a mainstay in my diet, and my home. The other day I was craving stir fried garlic and onion, an odd comment for sure but perhaps indicative…


Slow Cooking this Winter

  A large, one pot meal can be your best friend this winter. I just bought myself a new slow cooker, but I often reach for my Le Crueset dutch…


Perfect Salmon with Kale

  This Salmon and Kale dish is a favorite of mine, and a perfect solution for Healthy Omnivores this time of year. It feels hearty and warm, and it’s a…

Guest Blogger: Heather French’s Raw Zucchini Salad with Ghost Pepper Peach Dressing

  Heather French is a friend and founder of, one of my favorite sites for entertaining, bespoke foodie ingredients, and skin care. And what’s really cool is that they…


Guest Blogger: Catherine McCord’s Greek Nachos

  I first discovered Catherine McCord and when I was looking for healthy recipes for my young son. I love how Catherine includes recipes for different styles of eating,…


Garden Gazpacho

Last week, Team DYNS (Discover Your Nutritional Style) came to the farm for a visit—to strategize the launch of my new book, and bring me back into the fold. After a full day…


Cherry Tomato Gazpacho

I planted two cherry tomato plants this spring because my husband is one of those people who eats them like popcorn. I thought it was the least I could do….


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