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Mediterranean Quinoa

  It takes a village, don’t you think? My friends and I have been talking about the importance of community lately and how grateful we are to have ours. Having…


Sweet Potato Mash

  Why wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy sweet potatoes? This healthy version of your favorite November treat can satisfy you and your family year round. Rich in Vitamin A, B…


DIY nutrition bar style

  I mix these do it yourself bars for my son and his friends. I think it takes less time to do than to buy them at the store, they’re…


Bone Broth Primer

  photo courtesy of Brodo, NYC Bone broth, formerly known as old fashioned “stock,” has become the health tonic, du jour. And as we head into the chilly days of…


Cool as a cucumber

  Last summer, my friend, Dielle,  grew so many cucumbers that she was giving them away in trash bags. I was her biggest taker. Honey, what do you ever do…


Cinco de Mayo Roundup

  Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Or gearing for a tailgate? Me too, knowing that healthy means delicious. There are festivals and fiestas all over the place, so it’s…

quinoa kale

Quinoa, Kale and Garlic Stir Fry

  Quinoa is a mainstay in my diet, and my home. The other day I was craving stir fried garlic and onion, an odd comment for sure but perhaps indicative…


The power of fermented veggies

  A few weeks ago I gave you some of my personal secrets and tips to stay strong and fabulous during the cold winter months. Did you give them a…

red drink

Red Food Recipes for Heart Health

  Did you know that February is heart health month? It’s a good reminder to take special care of yourself, emotionally and physically, and schedule your annual check up when…


Baked Cod with Olive and Caper Pesto

  Want another sneak peek inside my new book, Discover Your Nutritional Style? Here’s a recipe you’ve got to try from one of my favorite Integrative Medical Doctors, who also…


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