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Kale, Cherry, and Macademia Salad

  I pulled this salad together with some friends the other day, making it up as we went along. Use this kale salad recipe as a formula, if you will….

roasted pepper meal

Greta’s Roasted Peppers

  Recently, I visited friends in Croton on Hudson, New York, at their lovely Airbnb estate, along with a large group of our teen age boys and friends. Meals were…


Summer strawberry dips

  One of my favorite summer treats are fresh strawberries, a terrific source of vitamin C and bright red antioxidants, and there’s nothing like eating them right out of the…

cherry smoothie

Sleeping Beauty Smoothie

  This delicious and decadent smoothie is perfect if you love to exercise in the evening, after work. You love your fitness routine, but don’t always have an appetite for…


Spring Superfood Roundup

  The best superfoods are always fresh from the garden, and spring offers a cleansing and light selection that’s meant to detox the winter away. I’ll bet you feel naturally…


Springtime Asparagus Soup

  Asparagus is the queen of springtime vegetables, in fact, there are festivals throughout Europe dedicated to this seasonal beauty. High in vitamins and minerals, notably vitamin K, asparagus also…


Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Smoothie

  This sweet smoothie is full of fresh, natural ingredients. Instead of using a processed protein powder, I’ve used raw cashews as the protein source. You don’t need a fancy…


Spring Smoothie Roundup

  Now that spring is (finally!) here, it’s time to start using all the sweet seasonal produce to get creative with your morning smoothies and juices again. I know that…

Video: DIY Hemp Milk

  From morning smoothies, to creative desserts, to topping cereals, I make sure to keep a DIY non-dairy milk on hand…always. One of the easiest and healthiest choices is hemp milk. Tiny hemp seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition, containing all of the amino acids your body needs in a day; especially useful for you Flexible Vegetarians and Modern Vegans out there. Protein? Check. This recipe is beyond simple, and highly affordable too, especially for you moms buying the stuff in bulk. I shared my simple method with The Daily Meal the other day. Watch me in action below. Here are some fabulous ways to use YOUR DIY milk: Chia seed breakfast pudding Gluten free DIY granola Goddess Shake Chocolate-Avocado Smoothie

Video : Healing Tea with Turmeric and Ginger

  I’m a big fan of simple, soothing, homemade drinks, or “teas”, and I shared one of my favorite recipes with The Daily Meal recently. All you need is fresh ginger, turmeric, and your favorite tea kettle. Sit back, sip, and let the superfoods do the rest. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and ginger is too. Ginger also soothes your digestion, (remember when ginger ale really contained ginger?) and has anti-biotic properties as well. Ingredients 2 cups water 1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger 1/2 tsp dried turmeric (unless you can find it fresh, then use that) 1 tbsp raw, local honey to taste 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice Preparation Heat water in a small saucepan until it’s nearly boiling. Add ginger and turmeric, lower the heat and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid into a mug, and stir in honey and lemon juice to taste. Just click on this video to see how I do it: Want more fun and useful tips like this? Grab your copy of Discover Your Nutritional Style now.


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