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_MG_5221 07.10.2013

What’s Hot: Avocado Toast

This recipe is my idea of comfort food.  Every once in a while I crave this perfect combination of creamy avocado, heat, salt, citrus and healthy fat. It’s more of…

berries-blueberries-raspberries-strawberries-blackberries 06.26.2013

Yogurt and Cereal Parfait

  This is a fun treat for Sunday breakfast, or any day when my son (or my husband) needs a little treat. Ingredients Your favorite organic cereal or granola Your…

chia heart 06.03.2013

Drink Your Chia

  The warmer weather (finally) is making me want to get out and move, so I thought I’d share my favorite sports recovery drink with you. This is great for…

Vegan-snack-bars-dates 05.31.2013

Attn moms: 5 easy summer snacks

  Are you facing a long hot summer of “kids food” at amusement parks, the country club pool or even your best friends home? What can you do to keep…


Nutty Butter Granola Bars

I made these earlier this year for my talk with Middleburg Polo Academy. They are quick, easy and use ingredients you normally have in your cupboard. I promise you the kids will ask for seconds! If you are missing an ingredient, be creative, have fun, and experiment. These are easy to play around with and find substitute ingredients for. Ingredients 1/3 cup honey (or coconut nectar) 1/4 cup almond butter or tahini 2 tablespoon coconut butter or unsalted butter 1 cup Crisp-O-Cereal or rice cereal 1 cup old fashioned oats 1/4 cup dried fruit Preparation 1. Add cereal, oats and fruit to a large mixing bowl. 2. Melt honey, almond butter and butter over medium heat until smooth. This will take a minute or two. Add to the dried mixture and fold gently. Scoop onto a lined baking sheet or mini cupcake liners on a baking sheet and refrigerate for 15 minutes or so. 3. These tasty treats will last in the refrigerator for up to a week covered.

green-juice 03.26.2013

Alien Juice (green smoothie)

  My sister’s husband is set in his ways.  He’s in good health, and he maintains his ideal weight, but he eats like a big kid. He makes faces at…

Berry-smoothie 03.05.2013

Coco-Berry Smoothie

  I made this for breakfast this morning to use up some berries I had leftover from my foodie photo shoot last week.  If you’re avoiding sugars, take out the…


Healthy Egg Nog

I LOVE egg nog, but I’m afraid the high fat diary version doesn’t love me back. It makes me sick to my tummy.  It also makes me feel bloated. I had to design my own healthy version, using my beloved almond milk and my favorite sweet spices. It’s awesome, and kids love it too.. so do husbands. Ingredients 2 cups almond milk (homemade is best!) 1 frozen banana ( you can add a second one if you’re OK with the extra banana sugar) 1 teaspoon vanilla Big dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg, including some to garnish 3 Medjool dates, pitted Preparation Blend in a high speed blender and serve with a cinnamon stick.  Sprinkle with a cinnamon shake! Serves 2  

Vegan-icecream 07.04.2012

“Ice Cream” that’s good for you

  This healthy ice cream has become an almost daily treat in my home. It’s highly addictive, high in protein, and creamy delicious! Nut Ice Cream Ingredients makes 2 generous…

_MG_5627 06.02.2012

Seeds for Health

I shared this collection of “power seeds” last week, on Let’s Talk Live, a talk on ABC-Channel 8. Seeds are an easily digestible source of protein, and offer several tasty,…


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