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Be my guest for a Cleanse Call on September 18th

Want to hear from a Cleanse Expert before we start? Join me for a free pre-Cleanse call with Jennifer Mielke, Be Well Health Coach who has coached hundreds of Dr. Lipman’s patients through the Cleanse process. Jennifer and I will talk about the BeWell Cleanse, how Dr. Lipman created it and why, the unique benefits it offers, and results you can expect. She’ll also share some of her favorite tips for making it all easy and fun. I’d love for you to join us to cleanse as well, here are all those details if you’re ready to sign up and order your kit now. We start soon! The first FIVE people to sign up get a special gift directly from Dr. Lipman. In the meantime, join Jen and me to talk about cleansing. It’s fall; the perfect time to cleanse. Date: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Time: 2pm Eastern Time Instructions to join us: Dial – (641) 715-3625 Then Enter Access Code – 745206# Read more here.


Guest Blogger: Sarma Melngailis’ Sesame-Vegetable Noodles with Herbs

  Sarma Melngailis is the owner of one of my FAVORITE restaurants in New York City, Pure Food and Wine, and take-a-way’s, One Lucky Duck. She’s the author of two…

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Guest Blogger: Sarah Jenks’ “Cheat” Coq Au Vin

  Sarah Jenks is a health coach who believes that the key to losing weight is having more fun. How can I not love her? She’s like a sister to…

In My Fridge

The Well-Stocked Fridge

Imagine having someone call and say that they want to photograph your fridge.  It’s sort of like having someone want to peek into your clothes closet.  I’d worry if I…

Tea Assortment

Yerba Mate isn’t tea

  I’m not a coffee girl, as I’ve shared, so teas and warming drinks help me get through the day. I believe that almost anything can be solved by a…


What’s Hot: Avocado Toast

This recipe is my idea of comfort food.  Every once in a while I crave this perfect combination of creamy avocado, heat, salt, citrus and healthy fat. It’s more of…


Camille Styles Came to the Farm!

Photographer  Chelsea Fullerton and designer Jennifer Elsner joined me at our farm a few weeks ago to photograph recipes for my new website, coming later this year. Chelsea took photos…


5 foods for every(healthy)body

  My cell phone rang. “Hey, it’s me. If you could only recommend 5 foods for your health, just 5, that are non-negotiable, what would they be?  What can’t you…

BeWell Cleanse Kit

How to Be Well

  I’ve never insisted that my clients take supplements, and in fact, I really believe in getting our nourishment from whole, fresh food. But the fact is that I work…


Carrageenan; Stay Away

I often recommend dairy free milks, like coconut milk, almond, and hemp for a delicious milky beverage to add to your smoothies, or to top your granola, because many people…


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