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Congress, Prevention, Your health

  Did you know that I’ve been working with our US Congress this past year? Just one year ago, along with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we began lobbying our…

Ginger Turmeric Tonic —New!

There’s a lot of buzz about turmeric these days. Touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric supplements are a hot new trend. Try to buy this root fresh when you can find it, or use the organic powdered version that can be purchased in the spice section of your store. (check out my spice tray here) Ginger root is also anti-inflammatory, and has the added benefit of soothing the stomach, too. (yes, ginger ale that contains real ginger actually does work!) This DIY tonic combines both of my favorites for a drink that not only tastes great, but cools inflammation before it can begin. It can help to calm joint and muscle aches, and keep you limber; my athlete clients are all over it! I write about herbs that are beneficial in my book, Discover Your Nutritional Style and both turmeric and ginger get an A+ from me. In this morning drink, we add black pepper, too. Pepper increases the bio-availability of turmeric, meaning your body will absorb it easier and better. This recipe was created by a team member here at Nutritional Style, Jenny, who also adds coconut oil to her morning drink, giving it a creamy texture. Healthy fats…

Your Success, Your Health

They often go hand in hand…success and good health…and lately I’ve been ultra focused on both. I’ve been meeting some extraordinarily successful people, working in New York, and Washington, DC. And I’ve learned that it’s not just about food, or fitness, or sleep. It’s about all of these things. It’s about how you live your life each day. And I’ve been observing some common behaviors in these busy leaders that I wanted to share with you here. To help YOU to become the best you possible. It’s holistic, all encompassing, and it takes focus. Ready? Here’s what those healthy success stories do, each day. 1) They move, almost every day. Everyone works out, in some way. Run, bike, climb, barre, yoga. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just do something you enjoy. New York and DC are extremely active towns, and they inspire me to do more. Make this your summer of movement, it’s the perfect time of year to start. 2) They are conscious eaters. Notice I don’t say “healthy”. They eat well, some better than others, but they are conscious of making good choices, for the most part. They have occasional indulgences, occasional cocktails or wine, but…

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Take a Hint…

  You know, I love sharing new discoveries to recommend for your health, well being, and also for fun! I’m a connoisseur, testing out products, foods, and fashion. Seeking experiences,…

Mom and me

Wisdom from my mother

  Happy Mother’s Day, Moms! I was raised by a good mother. Thank you, universe, because I know I was fortunate…so this year I’m writing my mother a love letter…. 2016

Workplace Health Hacks

When life is challenging, I try to hold true to basic, healthy practices. You know, that core belief system that holds it all together; the starting point from which we…


Citrus Chia Cooler: Replenish post workout

  I recently shared my new, intense workout which has made me even more conscious of my personal nutrition, and replenishing post workout. I felt I really needed a little…

Holli Central Park Running

What am I running towards?

  I have a healthy obsession. It started at the beginning of the year. Maybe because everyone in New York is moving fast, I felt the need to keep up?…


Berry Chia Beauty Pudding

I’ve been talking about running, lately, on my Instagram feed. You know… showing my ankle injury….my favorite ways to hydrate following…But my nutrition has some needed extra support, too….


Spring Staples for all Styles

I’ve been focused on SPRING and rededicating myself to my overall health, and newer, lighter habits. Every once in a while it’s good to shake it up, and give yourself…


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