3 Holiday Hacks you need to do now

The Yuletide is here, and as my friend says, party, party, party!

So, how do you keep your energy high, and avoid gaining the holiday “10”?

These 3 nutritionally stylish hacks will help:

1) Keep moving.
Movement will keep your metabolism humming along, help you to burn calories, detox any indulgences, clear your skin, soothe your digestion, and boost your endorphins. And make you feel accomplished. Like a million bucks. Repeat, do not give up your exercise!
Here’s what I’m still up to. What I’m running towards..

2) Add Fiber. 
At the risk of sounding like a grey hair commercial, fiber will help stave off hunger, speed up your digestion, allow you to eat less, and therefore avoid being tempted by gooey appetizers and sweets.
True story; the other day I made a homemade pizza for a couple of teenagers. While normally it would have been devoured, adding butternut squash slices on top of this pizza added LOTS of fiber. The boys looked at me in amazement, they were full after one slice.
Try this butternut squash recipe or switch to fiber packed smoothies this month instead of green juice.

3) Drink more.
And not the alcoholic version. Cold weather drastically reduces the amount of water you drink, if you’re not carefully making sure you’re getting the hydration you need. Add spices, or tea bags, or fruit to your water bottle or pitcher, starting first thing in the morning. This helps keep you feeling full, satisfied, clear headed, and energized. Seriously.
Here’s my way of making that happen.

Now to have fun!