IPE awards us Top Blog for 2015!

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating have named my blog one of their Best 100 Health Coach Blogs of 2015. I’m thrilled about this honor, and congratulations to my team for their hard work in helping me build this blog.

If you’re not familiar with them, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has an outstanding mission, which is to change the way we understand food, our bodies, and our health.

They provide support and information for all dietary approaches, but one of their primary functions is educating health professionals about how to guide individuals through the most common and most compelling eating challenges; from body image to digestion, yo-yo dieting, and more.

I’m in great company on this list of prestigious websites.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Elizabeth Rider

Food Coach NYC

Alexandra Jamieson

Health Coach Quinn

You’ll love this collection of blogs. It’s a great resource, I’m glad to be among them!