Popsicle Treats

These popsicle treats are the BEST for hot Summer days. Using fresh high antioxidant fruits and raw ingredients, they are a powerhouse of nutrition and taste too good to be true.

I love the popcsicle molds from  Tavolo Popsicle Molds, a BPA free way to enjoy summer’s raw fruits.

Order some of these cute plastic molds, and enjoy their drip free bottoms..

Kids love ‘em, and so do I:)

Here are a few of my favorite blends to try:

-The Pina Colada- Fresh Pineapple, Frozen Banana, and raw coconut shavings

-Vita “C” sicles- Strawberry and Watermelon blended together

-Blueberry Cream- Fresh Blueberries and Coconut Yogurt


Get creative, like we do in our house, and try spices, herbs, cacao, chocolate nibs and more.

Mix up a batch today, and be inspired..