Age Proof Beauty

When USA Today asked me to me one of their “Age Proof Beauties”, I was flattered, but when I saw their “Modern Woman” magazine on the newsstands over the weekend, and I watched my mom tear up, I was grateful for the turns I’ve taken.

I remember sitting in a Chanel company meeting years ago, looking at their analysis of customer demographics. They listed “middle-age,” as 35 and over. I was about 34 at the time, and my jaw dropped.

Middle age? Me? It seemed just yesterday I was 22 and graduating college, and now I’m middle-aged and old?

Somehow I learned to let go of what old is. Maybe it was going through a health crisis and then coming out the other side, slimmer, healthier and happier.

Maybe it was beginning a new career in my 40’s. Perhaps it was the new learning that came with finding my passion, and the new neurological pathways in my brain from all that learning.
Having to push my own boundaries, speak on a stage, stand in front of a TV camera, or develop the courage to speak one- on- one with a client about her health, in an honest, sincere, and open way, sure helped.

It all keeps you young.

Here are some mental ways to work on your own age-proof beauty.

*Think Young.
I hear so many women groan and moan about their age.. They use it as an excuse for everything, from forgetting where they put their keys, to not being able to take a Barre class. I say, C’mon.
The more you call yourself “old”, the older you will feel. You will become as you think, so think young. Don’t allow your ego to use age as an excuse. Climb that mountain.

*Find your passion.
One of the women in the article with me is Ernestine . She’s a 70-some year old body builder who hadn’t worked out a day in her life until she was in her mid 50’s. Today she owns a fitness empire.
Being excited keeps you young. Looking forward keeps you young. Learning keeps you young. Do all of the above. Don’t let anybody tell you its too late.

*Love thy neighbor

Love your kids, love your husband, love and enjoy your community. Get out there, and interact. Sharing love keeps you young. Give and receive love and friendship. Go places with friends, and keep company with positive people. You’ll all get to stay young together. Start this practice as soon as possible.

Next week I’ll be on ABC TV with recipes for age proof beauty from the inside out, sharing foods and skin care tips that work, and I’ll be giving them to you too.
Check back with me next week, and share this blog with someone you love.

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Until then, practice the mental part, and let me know how you do.
Tell us today, what’s YOUR secret to Ageless Beauty?

With love, and gratitude,