Chris Christie Critics -Skinny does not equal Healthy

Chris Christie pulled out of the race for Republican candidacy after repeated commentary and criticism about his weight.

Headlines asked “Are we ready for a fat President?” Bloggers weighed in on his potential health risks and what that would mean for our country. Dozens of journalists commented on how this would reflect on our nations image, and people on the street expressed fears about having a President with potential health risks presented in such an evident way. It would be difficult to imagine this kind of scrutiny over the waisteline of Winston Churchill, one of the most important political figures of this last century.

Christie says he can handle the jokes, he knows he’s overweight, but I’m guessing he’d rather be thinner. He’s most likely tried many diets, and is possibly addicted to processed foods, or particular food groups that are not feeding him well- like a high percentage of Americans are.

He could use some help in this arena, and as a particularly intelligent man, I’m guessing that eventually he’ll figure this out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not familiar with this candidate or his policy- this is not a political view of any kind.

The speculation about his health, and the assumptions that he’s unhealthy because he’s overweight began to sound prejudicial to me. I’m a Health and Nutrition Coach, and I work in this arena-it’s my job to help people achieve their ideal weight for ultimate health- but part of me resented this criticism.

Maybe because I’ve seen how unhealthy “skinny” can be. I meet dozens of unhealthy thin people each month- skinny does not equal healthy.

Many people are able to maintain a low weight while eating an unhealthy diet-seeing candidates in the normal weight range on stage is not a guarantee that they are in good health, or that that heart disease or cancer won’t strike at any time.

I know many women who wear a size 4 and are addicted to diet coke and exist on a salad a day with “low fat” dressing. They’re happy with their weight, but they’re getting concerned about their skin and their energy. And ultimately, they’ll worry about their health. I also know, and work with many healthy size 4’s.

Yes, I would wish for Christie to begin a program that reduces his weight and obvious health risks, and the odds for poor health are there because he is overweight, but I want that for all the candidates, and for our President as well.

Smoking, stress, genetics, quality of food and diet-meals out, high salt, gmo’s, pesticides, chemicals and additives. Who’s measuring that for each candidate?

Clinton’s eating has transformed since he was in office, going from the king of fast food to a card-carrying vegan. He would’ve been the target of the uber-powerful dairy and meat lobby and my guess is he would have had a tough time getting elected.

Let’s focus on our own health issues and on improving the quality of food in America- and call for our candidates and elected officials to do the same.