Ice Cream for breakfast

You know what to do when it comes to your food and nutrition, so why aren’t you doing it?
It’s a challenge I hear about almost every day.

“I bloat when I eat dairy. But I love cheese!”

“My tough time is at night, and I can’t resist snacking on chocolate and sugar.”

“I feel so much better when I start the day with (fill in the blank) but I usually just do drive-thru on my way to the office.”

How do you get yourself to listen to YOU? Is there such a thing as “willpower”, or does self-sabotage creep in, almost daily? And why do you feel so deprived if you don’t get to eat what you want, all the time?

Here’s the thing; I wish I could eat greasy pizza every day. Truly. I also wish I could eat ice cream for breakfast. I’d love to eat as much as I want to, all the time.

I mean, who doesn’t?

But food affects you and me, and I’d feel AWFUL.

I’d feel sick, and bloat, and get headaches, and after a couple of days my sinus’s would block and I’d be tired all the time. I’d get brain fog, and lose interest in working out, and running would become next to impossible.

It would be hard for me to focus on my work, my clients, my child, my life…And making the wrong choices day after day would create a pile on, leading to inflammation and disease.

And so, I make healthy choices. I’ve seen the future, and I know.

I make choices that make me feel good later. Choices that fuel my brain, and keep my digestion working.

I choose me over food. I choose my life and being productive and happy over short term satisfaction.

I don’t think it’s about willpower, I think it’s about choosing YOU and the life you want to have. Staying true to who you are, and tuning out the choices that make you feel sick, later.

It’s about being able to stay centered while your friends are sharing goppy appetizers. It’s about consciously knowing that bread and gluten is a trigger for you, and choosing salad instead of a sandwich. Or kicking the nightly glass of wine and bite of cheese habit that leads you to overeat all night long.

I’m not perfect, and don’t ever want to be, but I know that I can’t eat pizza every day. And I can’t eat ice cream for breakfast.

Ready to take your nutrition to a clean and sustainable level,,, with support? Stay tuned this week for an announcement about how to join me, and one of my favorite rock star mentors to get you where you want to be, and keep you there.