Ginger Turmeric Tonic


There’s lots of buzz about turmeric these days.

Touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric supplements are a hot new trend. I prefer turmeric fresh, so try to buy this root when you can find it, or use the organic powdered version (check out my spice tray here).

Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory wonder, and also helps to soothe the stomach, too.

This drink combines both of these favorites for a tonic that not only tastes great, but soothes inflammation before it can begin. It can help to calm joint and muscle aches, and keep you limber; my athlete clients are all over it!

I write about herbs that are beneficial in my book, Discover Your Nutritional Style and both turmeric and ginger get an A+ from me.

In this morning drink, we add pepper, too. Pepper increases the bio-availability of turmeric, meaning your body will absorb it easier and better.

This recipe was created by a team member here at Nutritional Style, Jenny, who also adds coconut oil to her morning drink, giving it a creamy texture. This healthy fat means better digestion, skin tone, brain power, and all that good stuff.

Thanks, Jenny!


Blend in your blender for a delicious way to start your day.

Love this idea? Here’s a video of me preparing a slightly simpler version for The Daily Meal. Healing Ginger Tea