In My…Refrigerator

Stick to your Nutritional Style™ by stocking your fridge with healthy staples. I’m a Modern Vegan, but my family is not, so you’ll find ideas for all Nutritional Styles here.

(And yes, I did clean out my fridge for you!)

What are your fridge staples?

1) Lemons and Limes are a staple that I always have on hand. I keep them in the fridge because they last longer that way (store other fresh fruit at room temperature, in a big fruit bowl at the center of the kitchen table). Lemons and limes are detoxifying, and alkalizing to your body. Add one to a green smoothie or juice each day, squeeze it on top of salads, mix the juice into dressings, and add some to spice up your water. Healthy Omnivore’s delight in the way citrus freshens the flavor of sea foods and fish.

2) Fermented Vegetables are the gift that keeps on giving. They add healthy bacteria into your digestive tract, helping to strengthen your immunity and build a balanced gut. Don’t get stuck with just one, vary your fermented vegetables to take in a variety of probiotics. A healthy tablespoon a day, minimum, should do it.

3) Healthy Proteins may vary according to your Nutritional Style, but my number one rule is to avoid factory farmed meat and eggs; no added hormones or antibiotics for you! (See the Serial Killer chapter in my new book, Discover Your Nutritional Style.) Wild salmon is a favorite of my family, with all of their essential Omega 3 fatty acids (so good for your skin!). Those eggs are from my neighbors farm; her chickens eat fresh, organic vegetables and are unlike any egg you’ve tasted. That’s a container of raw goat cheese, too. If we do eat dairy, I try to make it goat or sheep cheese. Just a tiny taste here and there seems to be okay even for us dairy-free folk.

4) Assorted DLG’s (Dark Leafy Greens) are a vital part of my fridge. Hate kale? Try fresh spinach instead, or swiss chard. Whatever your DLG, aim to have one each day. I dare you. Blend kale into a smoothie, mix fresh spinach leaves into a meatloaf, or saute some chard in a touch of extra virgin olive oil for a delicious side. Just do it.

5) Assorted Seasonal Veggies are important so that you and yours get all your phytonutrients and antioxidants. Keep it seasonal, keep it fresh, and vary it up.

6) Avocado is a healthy fat, and while I love to eat them plain, or with a touch of sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, my boy loves to smear them on sprouted grain toast for breakfast. This good fat will give you gorgeous skin and lustrous hair, help to build healthy cells and ease your digestion. They’re also great for keeping you regular!

7) Supplements in the fridge? I often keep supplements in my fridge to maintain freshness, especially if I’m buying large, economy size containers. This is an especially good idea for any fish oil, or oil supplement of any kind. And of course, your probiotics.

8) Superfoods While there’s so much more to say on this subject, we keep our Superfoods in the fridge, or even the freezer, for a couple of reasons. Tender seeds like hemp and chia can go rancid, so buying fresh “Supers” and keeping them cold is a great idea. Plus, I love to have them all in one place. That way there’s a direct path to the Vitamix and my daily smoothie.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s in YOUR fridge?