Seeds for Health

I shared this collection of “power seeds” last week, on Let’s Talk Live, a talk on ABC-Channel 8. Seeds are an easily digestible source of protein, and offer several tasty, super ways to boost your health.

1) Flax seeds – help with digestion, they’re high in fiber and therefore a great addition to the diet to keep things “moving through”.
They’re also high in omega 3 fatty acids , and are anti-inflammatory
Ways to use:: Sprinkle on your salad, or yogurt
*Flax seeds are best raw, and should be ground to offer these benefits.

2) Hemp seeds– are a complete protein, containing all 9 amino acids, and offer a healthy alternative and protein source for vegans and vegetarians.
Hemp seeds are soft and easy to digest. They’re rich in heart healthy polyunsaturated fats.
Ways to use:: ground in shakes and smoothies, or sprinkled on salad for protein

3) Chia Seeds-bulk up in liquid and keep you full. They help balance your blood sugar, and are high in iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and magnesium.
Ways to use:: in smoothies to thicken, or create your own chia seed pudding.

4) Sunflower Seeds-are high in Vita E, which is great for skin, anti-aging and heart health.
They are high in folate, necessary for a healthy pregnancy
Ways to use:: Add to a granola or trail mix.

5) Pumpkin Seeds-are high in magnesium, zinc and iron, all essential minerals , as well as the B Vitamins
They contain tryptophan which is known to lower anxiety (share these with friends!)
Ways to use:: Add to a trail mix or granola