Be Well™ by Dr. Frank Lipman

Cleanse & Detox, Vitamins & Supplements

Dr. Frank Lipman’s message is simple:
“It’s about removing what is harmful and adding in what is beneficial. About understanding that the environment you bathe your genes in determines how those genes are expressed. So what you eat, how much chemical and toxic exposure you’ve had, what stresses you tolerate, what you believe, how you think, how much love you give and get and how you move are critical. I believe that with the right diet, exercise, good sleep, stress management and appropriate supplementation, you can take control of your health…it’s never too late.”

I’ve never insisted that my clients take supplements, and in fact, I really believe in getting our nourishment from whole, fresh food. But the fact is that I work with many people, myself included, who require extra support at certain times.

I wrote about my Be Well™ discovery, and share the recipe for My Orange Creamsicle Smoothie on my blog, here.


Because of my positive experiences, I’ve chosen to partner with Be Well™. This means I receive a small commission from any BeWell™ sale that uses my link to the right. Note, BeWell™ is not a business enterprise for me. I stand behind their product as a customer first and foremost—and share this brand with you as a friend and nutritional counselor.