My first book collaboration! 

I’m honored and thrilled to be a part of  Optimism!, featuring world-famous leaders from every sphere of human endeavor.  In Optimism! well known authors reveal the secrets that kept them going during the tough times. Martha Stewart (business), Mitch Albom (literature), Andrew Weil (medicine), David Sedaris (humor), Meryl Streep (acting), Kofi Annan (social change), Bono (music), and Caroline Myss (healing) talk to you about how they found optimism in the midst of life’s problems, and how your spirit too can soar despite the obstacles you face. There are over 40 inspiring authors in this book, including me.

These are people who can lift the spirits of a packed sports stadium with the radiant optimism of their personalities. What does it take to live your life so full of joy that you jump out of bed each morning, eager to pour the magic of your spirit into the day?

Optimists do certain things differently. As well as being happier, scientific research shows that they’re much healthier physically, and live an astounding seven to thirteen years longer than pessimists. With all these advantages to optimism, the key question each of us can ask is, “How can I cultivate an abundance of optimism in my life?”

I’m selling Optimism directly from my website, signed by me, and personalized just for you.

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Obstacles are those dreadful things we see when we take our eyes off our dreams.

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