The Laughing Diet :: LOL

New Year Resolutions were out for me this year. I had enough work, and pressure, and a to-do list a mile long. No…what I needed was some laugh time. Silly time, ridiculous time…let it all go time.

I vowed to laugh more, to find something funny.. to be impulsive and silly and recognize the humor in things.. to get carried away with laughter for the pure delight of it. I needed me some FUN.

How’d I do? I had a ball.

I had to rearrange some things, rely on a little help to get stuff done, but I managed to break for laughter.

Zooming up town for “coffee talk”, pulling over to laugh at something ridiculous, getting out of the office to do dinner with neighbors, meet the ladies for a quick lunch, laugh at my husband’s jokes, plop down on the sofa for Modern Family.

Laughter’s a bonus
:: it stimulates weight loss, boosts your immunity, helps you sleep better and it fights depression. It also stretches muscles, exercises your ab’s, and improves your life.. bigtime.

Laughter raises your metabolism by 20%, it sends endorphins rushing, and it makes you feel good.. so good you want to laugh again and again. Laughter burns calories. Many say it improves sleep patterns, and helps you relax.
It’s contagious, and it’s easy to share.

It’s my new “diet”.. The Laughing Diet.

Get on board…. Get silly.

It’s totally free, and fun. LOL today.