The New Year To-Do List

To-do List: Before 2012

1. REfuse:: to do any more parties, dates or moments, until you’re ready — just say no

2. REst:: sleep, nap, daydream at will

3. REcover:: eat well, smile a lot, listen to your body

4. REview:: look back at what worked and what didn’t– make lists if you have to

5. REflect:: learn from mistakes, vow to avoid negative choices and people

6. RElax:: trust your guidance and honor your inner GPS

7. REstore:: drink green juice, drink green smoothies, power up your nutrients, nourish your soul

8. REjuvenate:: take epsom salt baths, long winter walks, talk silently in prayer and whispers

9. REnew:: seek healthy minded friends and business, desire joy in all areas

10. REjoice:: for what’s here and now–love with a full heart, kiss with meaning, hug with sincerity, practice gratitude daily