Winter Nutrition and Cleansing

Do you find it challenging, sometimes impossible, to stick to your healthy eating style in the winter?

It can be even more challenging to begin a new eating style, as you struggle to resist heavy carbohydrates, and warm, fatty foods. You’re seeking comfort from the cold and dark months, and that mac and cheese tastes so darn good!

Your body’s programmed to slow down, as it listens to its inner wisdom that says, rest, and conserve energy. Your body recalls centuries of your ancestors needing to store fat to survive, and this can add an extra inch -to -pinch in today’s world.

So what do you do? You’re still recovering from an indulgent holiday season, and not feeling strong, lean and as glorious as possible after that January down-time.

Why does a Cleanse make sense?

Many cultures believe that cleansing 4 times a year, seasonally, is appropriate and ideal for your body. Learning to cleanse with the seasons can be liberating and balancing at the same time.

Cleansing in the Winter months releases stored toxins and extra fat from the holidays, and it can help to ground you, to enjoy the winter months. Cleansing in winter puts you in touch with the season and the rest your body is calling for. You have the desire, and need to sleep more, to tune in to the seasonal calendar, and to use the winter months to enhance your Winter cleanse.

Here are 3 gentle tips to enhance and help you enjoy a Winter Cleanse;

  • Add in seasonal root vegetables; beets, turnips, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, are hearty and substantial foods for the winter months. Try roasting them, or making a vegetarian stew.
  • Use healthy fats to fulfill your bodies cravings. Splurge on an organic, high quality EVOO, (extra virgin olive oil) that’s the best you can find. Try mixing up some chocolate treats with coconut oil, a healthy alternative that actually helps promote weight loss.
  • Invest in natural sweeteners to give you the “lift” you crave right now. Coconut sugar is sweet and delicious, yet low on the glycemic index and will not kick you into a sugar spiral. NuNaturals brand Stevia is not bitter, and a bright addition to your green smoothie.

I invite you to meet with me to design the right cleanse for you this winter. Contact me today!