Your Holiday Turkey

If you are going to eat meat, then let it be the best meat possible. Ayrshire Farm, in Upperville, VA offers just that.

Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys are a specialty of Ayrshire Farm, a 100% USDA Certified Organic, Certified Humane farm. Ayrshire is the picturesque and friendly home to many heritage breeds of animals who live a wonderful life, and as NY Times writer and author Michael Pollan has said, “have one bad day”.

The turkeys, pigs, cows and chickens are pasture raised and live a natural life, according to the Humane certification process. Turkeys live up to 26 weeks, the full natural maturity time, compared to the factory farmed turkeys you buy at the grocery store that are pumped with hormones, antibiotics, living in cramped quarters, being fed animal by-products, and “harvested” at 16 weeks to make more money.

I’ve toured Ayrshire Farm numerous times, and I’m continually impressed by the integrity, sincerity and passion involved in running this farm. It shows in every aspect of Ayrshire, from their large organic vegetable gardens to the non-profit events they host to benefit environmental and animal rescue causes.

The beautiful animals graze in chemical free pastures, and are rotated to give them fresh fields at all times. They have acres of sunshine, fresh green grass and herbs, and if anything is supplemented, all food is grown on the farm or purchased and 100% organic. (not always an easy task)

Ayrshire has a retail store called Home Farm, located in Middleburg, VA., that sells their turkeys, beef, chicken, organic vegetables, prepared foods, organic grocery items, gluten free specialties, raw pet foods, and assorted gourmet cheeses.

They also sell cooked turkeys and a full array of side dishes to compliment your holiday dinner (something I’ve taken advantage of many times and highly recommend)

Ayrshire Farm/Home Farm delivers turkeys and meats, shipping nationwide, and will be accepting orders for Thanksgiving on line-up until 11:59pm on Sunday, November 20. Please go to

The store, Home Farm, located at 1 East Washington St, Middleburg, VA. will be stocked with turkeys of all sizes throughout the holiday season. It’s a beautiful ride out to the country if you’re in the Washington, DC metro area.

Get directions here.