Your ideal weight, and holding back

What would you do if you were at your ideal weight?

I was staring-down at a new swimsuit, in a house on the beach, with family, friends, and a wild surf nearby. I wasn’t at my “ideal” weight, and it was ticking me off, holding me back physically and emotionally.

“What would you do if you were at your ideal weight?” , flashed into my mind, and the answer came immediately.

“Anything I want to.” It hit me over the head. It smacked me silly. It flattened me.

Years of holding back, always wanting to lose those two, or five, or ten, or twenty pounds, (at times even more) before I would “do it”. I’d held back from all kind of things over the years, feeling not quite good enough, not yet my best.

I’m a grown up now. I’m happily married. I’m successful. I have my own company. I have a child.

Who really cares?

When does good enough, become good enough?

When does happiness begin to reflect what’s in your heart instead of the amount of body weight you carry around?

I put that swimsuit on. I smiled. I grabbed a sea kayak, joined my athletic husband and rocked it. Never mind that I flipped the kayak, and came up with a bleeding leg. The oceans were rough, and I could still swim to shore.

The kids loved it. I felt great. My husband thinks I look 25, and skinny.

I know how to lose a few pounds, or a lot of pounds, it’s what I help people with. And I’m finally figuring out how to love any weight I decide to visit.

Stuff happens. Book deadlines, moving offices, stressful times, weight comes and goes.

Remembering what I would do at my ideal weight keeps me doing it anyway.
And that’s what really matters.

Carrying extra weight is not good for our health, but self-punishment can be just as bad.

If you have a couple of pounds to lose, or twenty, cut yourself a break. Dress like the beauty you are, at any weight. Put on your lipstick, grab a gorgeous cover up and sashay down that beach.

The weight will come off, soon enough.

Don’t add emotional weight to it, and don’t postpone joy.

Do you allow your weight to become an excuse?

Have you held yourself back from life, love, or the ideal job because you weren’t quite there yet?
Are you ready to finally move on?

Share your story with me here, I’d love to hear from you.

With summer love, and rays of sunshine,