In My… Spice Tray

Most people keep salt and pepper on the table, but when I learned how powerful many herbs and spices are, I decided to expand that idea and offer an array of herbs and spices, salts, and vegetables that would boost our health. Not to mention add new varieties of flavor. As a result, my family reaches for cinnamon the way most families reach for pepper, and sea vegetables like they do salt.

Here’s what we have in our condiment tray right now..

1. My Salad Shake
I make my own salad shake using sea vegetables, sesame seeds and dried kale flakes. Sometimes I add a bit of Himilayan salt too.

2. Turmeric
has been shown to prevent or slow tumor growth and help with joint pain. Try adding turmeric to your savory stews or soups, even the store bought ones for a homemade touch.

3. Cinnamon
A natural sweetener, boosts your metabolism, and is antiviral. Sweeten your smoothies, almond milks, or grain cereals.

4. Himalayan Sea Salt
Salt is a necessary mineral, but not if its overly processed, bleached, with added chemicals. Not so with pure pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This pure salt is beneficial to your health. I also love the way it looks.

5. Herbs de Provence
This classic french blend of herbs are our go-to for vegetables, fish, meat or eggs.

6. Cayenne
Rev-up your metabolism, and add a healthy spice to any dish. I use this in place of black pepper in most of my cooking.

7. Vegetable Shakes
Naturally salty and high in essential minerals, my entire family often uses these shakes, instead of salt. Try it on salads, veggies, in soups or cooked dishes too. Available in Kelp, Dulse and mixed Sea Vegetable varieties.

8. Raw Local Honey
We keep raw honey on our condiment tray as a natural sweetener. My son uses this in his tea or natural cocoa, on cereal, or in a smoothie.

Not Shown:

9. Celtic Sea Salt
A more gentle flavor and taste than Himalayan, I often prefer this for seasoning food.

10. Dried Ginger
While I use a lot of fresh ginger, I keep dried ginger on hand to sprinkle in stir fries or soups.

11. Fresh Nutmeg
I love adding this secret ingredient to dishes like stews, or to spice a healthy egg nog.

*All reviews are based on manufacturers claims or my personal experience. Please check for any contraindications with any medication you might be taking, consult your doctor prior to using herbs.